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7Software Announces Rapid Implementation at Visio Corporation

PALO ALTO, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — May 19, 1998 — CompanyStore™ Integrated with R/3 in Record Time; Visio Expects to Save $1Million First Year

7Software, the leader in intranet procurement systems, today announced the successful implementation of CompanyStore at Visio Corporation, the leading developer of business diagramming and technical drawing software. CompanyStore, 7Software's web-based procurement system, was implemented in only five weeks and is currently running on every Visio employee's desktop. CompanyStore's tight integration with SAP R/3, along with the experience of the 7Software team, was a key reason Visio chose to implement this solution.

The implementation capitalized on 7Software's expertise with SAP software and its ability to effectively integrate CompanyStore with R/3. According to Neal Myrick, Director of Worldwide Information Technology and Facilities for Visio, "We set a record for rolling out SAP worldwide to offices in Seattle, Dublin and Singapore. We were even more pleased at the speed with which we launched CompanyStore and the flexibility of the product."

CompanyStore streamlines procurement by employing a simple, browser interface that enables employees to easily order supplies and track information from their desktops. The product allows companies to establish levels of approval, control the products and catalogs that are offered, define ordering limits and streamline workflow. With CompanyStore, companies can gain control over the cost of supplies, as well as the spending associated with marketing purchases, from advertising to tradeshows.

"We are proud to have delivered on our promise of a rapid implementation," stated Melissa Widner, President and CEO. "We have proven that it is possible to roll out an efficient, intranet-based procurement system in a matter of weeks when the system is as friendly and manageable as CompanyStore," she concluded.


Visio needed to transition from a manual, paper-based system to an integrated, electronic system. CompanyStore met Visio's needs by being easy and intuitive to use as well as easy to implement across the corporation. Because CompanyStore is so user friendly, it is now easier and faster to go through the internal purchasing department and take advantage of pre-negotiated prices with contracted vendors, thus eliminating much of the "maverick" purchases. According to Ed Leary, Visio's Controller, "We expect CompanyStore, with its ease of use, to become the employees' preferred system, eliminating much of this outside spending. Furthermore, Visio expects to save over a million dollars with CompanyStore its first year, a direct result of lower processing costs and decreased maverick spending."


CompanyStore electronically replicates the way that companies handle their procurement process Orders can then be transmitted to suppliers through a variety of mechanisms ranging from e-mail to fax to EDI.

The product allows multiple suppliers to populate anonts to accept customer orders electronically vvity, speed order transmission and receipt, and ting spend, get a better view of committed spend and allow managers to pull their own reports whenever they ns real time information to make better decisions faster," concluded Myrick.


7Softwar sized corporations. CompanyStore, the flagship electronic commerce product, runs on Microsoft BackOffice, Windows NT, all major browsers and offers an interface to SAP Rerprise-wide business diagramming and technical



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