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IntelliCAD 98 Attracts CAD ISVs, VARs to Visio Business Partner Program

Opportunity for Third-Party Software Tools, Training, Integration

SEATTLE, March 26 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) today announced it has solicited over 50 independent software vendors (ISVs), value-added resellers (VARs), trainers and consultants in the CAD industry to become participants in the Visio® Business Partner program. These organizations are poised to take advantage of new market opportunities created by the recent release of IntelliCAD® 98 by Visio, a 32-bit Microsoft Windows-based CAD application that offers unprecedented compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD files, commands and applications at an introductory price of $349 (U.S.). By offering training, customization, integration and complete software solutions that complement IntelliCAD 98, the new partners immediately add depth and breadth to the IntelliCAD platform and provide new users of IntelliCAD 98 with additional resources for fully taking advantage of IntelliCAD's power and extensibility.

"We're excited that IntelliCAD 98 has garnered support from so many prominent developers, VARs and other partners this quickly," said Jonathan Solomon, IntelliCAD developer relations manager at Visio. "The wealth of add-on software and services that have been made available by our partners at launch is a testament to IntelliCAD's high degree of compatibility with AutoCAD. With IntelliCAD as an alternative development platform, our partners can fully leverage the investments they've made in creating products and services specifically tailored to the AutoCAD user."

Software Vendors Take Advantage of AutoCAD Compatibility

Previously, independent software vendors have taken advantage of AutoCAD's programmability by building sophisticated software tools on top of the base AutoCAD package. These tools were developed for users in specific vertical applications such as geographic information systems (GIS), civil engineering, architecture and mechanical design. With IntelliCAD 98, Visio has created an opportunity for independent software vendors to exploit an imminent expansion in the number of installed CAD seats capable of serving as an engine on which these vendors' products can run. Providing most of the same programming interfaces and customization capabilities as AutoCAD (such as AutoLISP and the ADS C++ programming interface), IntelliCAD 98 allows ISVs to quickly and easily transform their AutoCAD-based applications into IntelliCAD applications. Further, since IntelliCAD 98 is a lower-cost CAD engine than AutoCAD, the cost of the entire solution — engine plus custom application — is lower for the end user, while offering the software vendor the same or greater profit potential.

"Our CadPLUS AE/FM PLUS application provides an integrated system for managing a building structure over its life cycle, including layout, construction documentation, space planning, maintenance and asset management," said Wayland Davis, president of CadPLUS Products Company Inc. of Albuquerque, N.M., the oldest third-party developer of AutoCAD-based applications. "Thanks to Visio's strong commitment to the developer community and its rapid response to technical issues, we were able to more quickly transform our AutoCAD line into powerful IntelliCAD solutions as well. This move means we can offer CadPLUS customers at Fortune 500 companies, as well as those in government and small shops, the benefits of IntelliCAD — low-cost, high-performance AutoCAD compatibility for AEC and facility management projects."

"Our plug-in applications serve the mechanical and electrical user markets," said Bob Noftle, president of CIMLOGIC, a Nashua, N.H.-based software developer. "Two of our products, Toolbox/WD for wire diagram design and Toolbox/2D for 2-D mechanical design, will soon be available for IntelliCAD. IntelliCAD 98 will allow our products to reach a wider base of CAD users while requiring only minimal reprogramming."

VARs See Customization, Training Opportunities

Historically, AutoCAD has been distributed to CAD users via value-added resellers, whose products and services enhance and extend the use of CAD software. IntelliCAD 98 provides these VARs with the opportunity to grow their highest-margin businesses, training and customization, and take advantage of the product's low price and AutoCAD compatibility. With a larger number of installed CAD seats approaching, IntelliCAD 98 gives VARs the opportunity to sell more service and add-on products into their accounts than ever. Further, with IntelliCAD 98 VARs can leverage the materials and programs they've already established for supporting AutoCAD because of the program's similar interface and customization capabilities.

"Where a typical customer may have a given amount of money budgeted for core CAD software, customization work and training, a large chunk of the budget gets captured right away by the cost of AutoCAD," said Bob Coan, president of US CAD, a network of CAD resellers and training centers based in California. "With IntelliCAD 98, the customer gets more CAD seats installed, for which US CAD can sell more of its value-added services, all of it coming out of the same budget amount. It's a win for the customer and for US CAD."

"IntelliCAD's low cost and programmability will get us into a lot of customer sites that don't have the budget to purchase new seats of AutoCAD," said Gene Lugo, president of Soft Tech Consultants Inc., a Yonkers, N.Y.-based CAD reseller. "With IntelliCAD, those accounts remain viable prospects for Soft Tech's hardware products, training and value-added services. IntelliCAD allows us to reach a wider selection of customers of varying budgets and needs."

Visio Business Partner Program

The Visio Business Partner program is an information and support network that helps ISVs, consultants, systems integrators, VARs and corporate developers deliver superior business solutions that complement or utilize Visio or IntelliCAD 98 graphics technology. Those interested in more information about the Visio Business Partner program for IntelliCAD 98 can send e-mail to, contact Visio at 800-24-VISIO (248-4746) reference 93W, or visit Visio's Web page at More detailed information about IntelliCAD 98 and the IntelliCAD 98 add-on products offered by Visio Business Partners is available from

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