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Tri-Star Computer and Visio Announce Strategic Alliance to Bundle Visio Technical 5.0

PHOENIX — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nov. 5, 1997 — TRI-STAR COMPUTER Wednesday announced an agreement with Visio Corp. to ship Visio® Technical 5.0 with four configurations of the StarStation workstation.

Visio Technical 5.0, the newest version of this popular software program helps users create and share 2D technical drawings and schematics.

"Tri-Star has offered custom workstation solutions to the CAD/CAM/CAE market for ten years," said Tom Larkin, president and chief executive officer. "Our customers appreciate the value we provide in a turnkey workstation system, complete with operating system, CAD software and hardware options installed."

Ted Johnson, co-founder, executive vice-president and chief technology officer at Visio Corp. said, "Visio Technical's innovative approach to technical drawing, including industry-leading support for advanced Windows-based technology and its extensive SmartShapes® symbol library, has positioned it as a premier 2-D technical drawing application."

"We are pleased with Tri-Star's inclusion of Visio Technical 5.0 within configurations of the StarStation workstation, thus reinforcing customer's preference for a widely-accessible and affordable technical drawing solution," Johnson added.

With Visio Technical, you can develop technical drawings using SmartShapes symbols that drag and drop easily onto the drawing page and behave like the doors, bolts, and other real-world objects they represent.

The program handles display-only import/export of Autodesk Inc. AutoCAD R10-R14 files (.DWG, .DXF, and .DWF) plus editable import/export of AutoCAD R10-R12 file support. Visio Technical is an ideal tool for space plans, HVAC designs, electrical schematics, piping and instrumentation designs, and manufacturing and assembly drawings.

An updated AutoCAD converter allowing users to import and export AutoCAD versions R10-R14 in both editable and display-only modes will be provided free of charge via the Visio web site ( by the end of 1997.

StarStation AEC models are built with Intel Pentium Pro and Pentium II processors with 256K to 512K cache integrated onto the processor. Tri-Star configures the StarStation AEC product line to provide system solutions specifically tailored to the user's particular application.

The StarStation models with Visio Technical 5.0 software are configured with 32 or 64 MB RAM (expandable to 512MB), an advanced OpenGL 3D accelerator, 2.1 to 4.3GB EIDE or Ultra Wide SCSI hard drive, 24X CD-ROM drive, Logitech® mouse, keyboard, and choice of 17-inch or 21-inch monitor.

Founded in 1988, Tri-Star Computer Corp. is a privately-held company that manufactures low-cost, high-quality, high-performance Windows NT workstations and servers. Tri-Star workstations and servers are used mainly by graphic intensive software users in the CAD/CAM/CAE, multimedia and 3D animation markets.

Tri-Star's standard and customized workstations are primarily sold to end users via direct mail catalogs and selectively through specialized Value Added Resellers. Company headquarters are at 3832 E. Watkins Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034-7265. Tri-Star can be reached at 602/707-6450 or by fax at 602/707-6451. For sales information call 800/800-1929. Tri-Star BBS: 602/707-6465 and web site:

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