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Visio Announces Availability of IntelliCAD Preview CD-ROM

Prerelease Version of Visio's New Autodesk AutoCAD-Compatible Software Permits Users to Test Drive with Legacy Data

SEATTLE, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) today announced that it will widely distribute a preview version of IntelliCAD® by Visio in mid-November. Formerly code-named "Phoenix," IntelliCAD software will offer unparalleled compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD drawings, commands and applications at an expected average selling price of $499 (U.S.). By offering a preliminary version of IntelliCAD software to the general public in the United States, Visio anticipates that large numbers of CAD users will evaluate both the software's productivity-enhancing features and its compatibility with AutoCAD. Visio will provide qualified testers with the opportunity to sign up for the preview at the AutoFACT show in Detroit Nov. 4- 6, and via Visio's Web site at beginning today.

"Users can't wait to find out for themselves if IntelliCAD truly represents the first affordable alternative to AutoCAD that maintains compatibility with legacy data and applications," said John Forbes, vice president and general manager, technical products at Visio. "With the IntelliCAD preview, users can investigate to their own satisfaction the product's high degree of compatibility with their .dwg drawings, AutoLISP macros and other custom data. Before Visio ships the final version, users can gain firsthand experience of IntelliCAD's ability to 'round-trip' .dwg drawings with no data loss, and its exciting new productivity-enhancing features for the CAD user."

By employing .dwg as its native file format, IntelliCAD software seamlessly supports the vast number of legacy drawings created by CAD operators over the years with AutoCAD, the dominant PC-based CAD application. IntelliCAD allows users to "round-trip" AutoCAD-generated .dwg files without data loss, including the new entities introduced in the latest version of AutoCAD, Release 14. IntelliCAD also supports the same key customization features that have distinguished AutoCAD in the marketplace. These features include full support for the AutoLISP macro language, AutoCAD custom menus and dialog boxes, and the Autodesk Development System (ADS) API, used by third-party software developers to create applications that run on AutoCAD.

While maintaining compatibility with legacy data and applications, IntelliCAD software also includes innovative features that enhance and extend the AutoCAD work environment. These enhancements include a full, event-driven implementation of Microsoft Visual Basic Applications Edition (VBA), a Drawing Explorer for intuitively managing drawing layers, line types and blocks, a visual menu editor for easy customization of AutoCAD-compatible menu structures, and a drag-and-drop button bar editor that easily creates horizontal fly-out structures on toolbars. IntelliCAD supports a feature frequently requested but still not available in AutoCAD - a multiple document interface (MDI) that permits the simultaneous editing of multiple drawings. This feature also allows IntelliCAD users to cut, copy and paste drawing entities between windows.

Attendees of the AutoFACT trade show in Detroit Nov. 4-6 can sign up in person for the IntelliCAD preview. The general public in the United States may sign up to participate in the preview via an electronic form found on Visio's Web site at http:/ Preview participants are not obligated to provide Visio with testing feedback, but they are encouraged to contribute their suggestions and report bugs. Visio will distribute the preview on CD-ROM to registered participants via U.S. Mail in mid-November. The preview will operate until Jan. 31, 1998. Visio plans to ship the final version of IntelliCAD before the end of the first quarter of 1998.

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