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CAD Vendors Join Visio Business Partner Program

Visio's Phoenix Technology to Provide Alternative Application Platform for Third-Party Solutions Developed on Autodesk's AutoCAD

PHILADELPHIA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 17, 1997 — Visio Corp. (NASDAQ: "VSIO") today announced that three prominent AEC CAD software application vendors have joined the Visio® Business Partner program.

The program, an information and support network that helps independent software vendors (ISVs), consultants, systems integrators, value-added resellers and corporate developers deliver superior business solutions that complement or utilize Visio graphics technology, now extends to the Phoenix CAD technology Visio will preview at the AEC Systems '97 show in Philadelphia.

The new Visio Business Partners announced during the show are Cyco International (Booth 1318), Eagle Point Software (Booth 2848), EMT Software (Booth 1726) and Ketiv Technologies (Booth 3065). Four Visio Business Partners (Ketiv, Hitachi Software (Booth 2756), Eagle Point, and Cyco) are demonstrating their CAD applications running on Phoenix technology inside the Visio booth (3048).

"The Visio Business Partner program was developed to help bring Visio solutions to end users in all types of businesses," said Ted Johnson, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Visio. "Our announcement of new partners reflects how the Phoenix CAD technology widens the range of solutions that are possible. Visio is excited that our new partners have chosen the Phoenix technology as an alternative platform for their applications because it validates the compatibility of the Phoenix technology and promotes a choice within the CAD marketplace. We're committed to creating a win-win relationship with each of them."

All of the vendors that announced joining the Visio Business Partner program at AEC Systems '97 have developed software applications that run on top of Autodesk's AutoCAD product. These applications exploit the programmable nature of AutoCAD via the AutoLISP scripting language and the Autodesk Development System (ADS) API, a C/C++ programming interface for third-party applications.

Visio's new Phoenix technology, which will be incorporated into a stand-alone CAD product that Visio plans to release later this year at an average selling price of $499, supports these same programming technologies. The Phoenix technology runs AutoLISP scripts unmodified, and turn-key AutoCAD applications developed for the ADS API require only simple recompilation to run on top of the Phoenix technology. No "porting" or code modification is necessary, so third-party vendors can offer support for both AutoCAD and Visio's Phoenix technology as application platforms simultaneously, with a minimum of effort and cost.

"Cyco is always looking to deliver more value in our document management products," said Gregory Peay, director of marketing services for Cyco International. "Partnering with Visio will allow Cyco to deliver our software on a platform that requires less hardware and costs less. That's a winning proposition for Cyco and our customers."

"Visio has a record of fully and impartially supporting and promoting its business partners," said Brent Straka, vice president of marketing for Eagle Point Software. "We're confident that Visio will deliver on both the compatibility and the integrity necessary to create a level playing field in which all third-party vendors that rely on the Phoenix platform can flourish. In that sort of marketplace, Eagle Point's products can only succeed."

"Hitachi Software offers a family of high-end raster and vector imaging and conversion applications that rely on ADS," said Shoichi Kitaoka, vice president and general manager for Hitachi Software in Boulder, CO. "Using the Phoenix platform, we can make our products available to a wider range of customer desktops."

"Ketiv is focused on delivering leading-edge solutions to the AEC marketplace," said Craig H. Dodge, vice president, corporate marketing of Ketiv Technologies. "The Phoenix technology represents an ideal vehicle for carrying those solutions. By becoming a Visio Business Partner, Ketiv hopes to create the kind of partnership with Visio that allows us to grow our businesses and serve our respective customers in harmony."

Those interested in more information about the Visio Business Partner program can send e-mail to, contact Visio at 800-24-VISIO (248-4746) ext. 93W, or visit Visio's Web page at .

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