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A.D. Experts' 4Keeps Product First to Receive 'Designed for Visio' Logo

4Keeps and Visio Professional Combine to Provide Integrated Information Modeling Tool

ANN ARBOR, Mich., March 19 /PRNewswire/ — A.D. EXPERTS, Inc., of Ann Arbor, Michigan, today announced that A.D. EXPERTS' 4Keeps™ product has received the first official certification under Visio® Corporation's "designed for Visio™" logo program. 4Keeps was commercially released on February 24, 1997 and provides powerful functionality that complements Visio Professional's Custom Properties and existing database connectivity features. The Visio Professional-4Keeps combination allows users to capture, validate and reuse object information. 4Keeps object information is retained in a Keeper, and can automatically be retrieved and transformed into relational databases, Windows® Help files, formatted word-processed documents and HTML hypertext.

"4Keeps takes the built-in elegance of Visio Professional's drawing tools and adds powerful information modeling capabilities," said Linda M. Nadeau, president of A.D. EXPERTS, Inc. "The Visio Professional-4Keeps solution provides IS professionals with an affordable, flexible and easy-to-use information modeling tool. This solution offers significant productivity improvements to teams as they build, review, and communicate about models."

"We are excited that companies like A.D. EXPERTS recognize the power of the Visio platform and use their expertise to create add-on solutions specifically designed for Visio products," said Holly McCargo, product manager of the Visio solutions product group. "4Keeps will provide many Visio Professional users the additional functionality they need to effectively manage their data modeling projects."

By retaining object information in a Keeper, 4Keeps permits multiple reuse of objects on a Visio page and across pages. All occurrences of an object are synchronized by the Keeper, so that when one instance of an object is updated, the other uses of the object are updated automatically.

4Keeps supports many of the commonly-used data modeling methodologies, including the Booch, Rumbaugh, and Shlaer-Mellor object class diagrams and the Chen and Martin entity relationship diagrams.

A 32-bit application designed for Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0, 4Keeps retails for $249. The product is available directly from A.D. EXPERTS, as well as through leading national distributors and corporate resellers. Interested customers can contact A.D. EXPERTS, Inc. at 313-677-5601. Further information is also available on the company's Web page at

About A.D. EXPERTS, Inc.:

A.D. EXPERTS, Inc. was founded by Linda Nadeau in 1991 to address information resource management in large organizations. Ms. Nadeau is nationally known for her contribution to information resource management methodologies, tools and standards. With the advent of affordable, widespread multimedia technologies, A.D. EXPERTS recognized a growing need to separate information content from its format to enable content to be efficiently captured, validated and maintained for publishing in many media and formats. The 4Keeps architecture was developed to address this need, and has been applied to object modeling, document management, electronic publishing, and electronic commerce applications.

A.D. Experts is also a member of the Business Process Management Coalition (BPMC), an alliance of leading software companies and industry experts promoting interoperability of products and techniques used in all phases of business process management. Among these companies, Visio software has been adopted as the common graphics engine for process management.

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