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Ventana Corp. Joins Visio Partners in Business Process Management Coalition

Integration of New Activity Modeler with Visio Provides Group-Enabled Business Process Improvement Tool

TUCSON, Ariz. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nov. 26, 1996 — Ventana Corp. (a privately held corporation marketing GroupSystems® software) Tuesday announced its membership in the Visio Business Process Management Coalition (BPMC), an alliance of leading software companies and industry experts promoting interoperability of products and techniques used in all phases of business process management.

Ventana joins a growing coalition of software companies who are positioned to employ Visio® as the common graphics engine for process management — from the initial design and modeling of business processes using flow charts through simulation analysis and optimization, to actual workflow implementation.

As the first step in joining the BPMC, Ventana will enable its GroupSystems Activity Modeler product to work with Visio. This will allow Visio's growing base of corporate developers, VARS and systems integrators to take advantage of the latest groupware technology and add collaboration and decision making capabilities within their graphical business solutions. A new version of Activity Modeler will incorporate Visio as the graphics engine.

According to the Meta Group, the market for business process improvement projects is expected to almost double to $100 billion in 1998. The market for software tools in this segment is expected to grow rapidly. Ventana intends to capitalize on this trend by providing customers with integrated tools and methodologies, such as Visio.

"As corporations become more committed to redesign and continuous quality improvement, a need exists for a fixed set of tools that can map and implement procedures leading to reductions in cost, increased productivity and ability to provide the innovative products and services that satisfy customer needs," said Claude Romain, president of Fleet & Partners, a member of Visio's coalition.

"Our studies demonstrate that using GroupSystems tools leads to faster, better decisions in same time, same place settings," said Kathy Williams, director of channel development for Ventana. "With Visio as the front-end, GroupSystems customers will be able to increase productivity further by sharing data between tools and by using the same graphics tool from start to finish."

"The combination of Visio and GroupSystems will extend both companies' presence among Fortune 1000 companies and help meet the demand for using modeling tools in collaborative projects," said Jim Thornton, Ventana president. "Ventana is looking forward to working with Visio and members of the BPMC to further awareness of GroupSystems and the potential for innovative collaboration on business process design.

"Our leadership in providing software tools for well-engineered discussion procedures in Fortune 1000, government, and education, positions GroupSystems Activity Modeler to be the first group-enabled tools for business process improvement projects and as a complement to Visio's graphics engine."

Interoperability and extensive support for Windows standards such as ActiveX, enable Visio products to integrate with a diverse group of products in the business process management space. Additionally, the company's leadership in providing graphics to mainstream business users has appropriately positioned Visio as the graphics platform for the business process management market.

"We are pleased to welcome Ventana Corporation as the newest member of BPMC," said Peter Mullen, general manager of the business products business unit at Visio. "We hope that our relationship with Ventana will provide new opportunities for existing Visio customers to collaborate on their Visio-based projects, as well as drive expansion of Visio into new markets where GroupSystems is already in use."

Other founding members of the coalition include Computron Software Inc., Fleet & Partners, Sapling (Software Aided Planning) Corp., Systems Modeling Corp., Technology Economics International (TEI), and Xerox Quality Services.

Visio Availability for GroupSystems

"Ventana plans to incorporate Visio's smart shape technology into its IDEF0 GroupSystems Activity Modeler tool," stated Christopher Schuffels, head of Ventana's development of the Activity Modeler tool. "This will allow Activity Modeler to comply with the newly formed BPMC coalition.

"In addition, we will develop a set of instructions regarding the implementation of Activity Modeler using the Visio graphics standards which will assist customers in implementing graphic solutions within their modeling tools."

About Ventana Corp.

Ventana Corp., the market leader in software tools for group-enabled decision processes, was founded in 1989, as a technology transfer spin-off, from research at the University of Arizona. The Tucson-based company pioneered the concept of electronic meetings with the release of GroupSystems V for DOS in 1990, to enable group work over a LAN.

In 1994, GroupSystems for Windows was released. Ventana announced the first stand alone tools in 1996 with the addition of Survey, Alternative Analysis, and Activity Modeler. The company markets the GroupSystems product line in 20 countries.

GroupSystems has won the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award and supports processes such as BPR, Change Management, Survey and Focus Group Research, Product Definition, Time to Market, Software Inspection and more.

Those interested in more information can contact Ventana U.S. at 800/368-6338, or visit Ventana's web site at International inquiries to Ventana Europe at (ph) 45 70 21 11 11 or (fax) 45 70 21 11 12.

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