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Visio Technical Gains 3D Add-on from Template Graphics Software Inc.

TGS' 3Space Technical Automatically Turns Visio into an Interactive 3D Platform

LAS VEGAS — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nov. 18, 1996 — At the COMDEX tradeshow Monday, Template Graphics Software Inc. (TGS) announced 3Space™ Technical, the first and only 3D graphics add-on for the popular 2D drawing application Visio® Technical, developed by Visio Corporation.

A new product from TGS, 3Space Technical for Visio utilizes the open architecture of Visio Technical to instantly provide 3D representations of 2D Visio documents. Resulting 3Space scenes can then be incorporated into Microsoft Word documents, or can be shared via e-mail and the Web as VRML and Open Inventor™ Internet 3D files.

"3Space Technical is an excellent example of the growing popularity of using Visio Technical as an extended application platform," said Paul Lewis, General Manager of Visio Solutions Business Unit, at Visio. "The powerful 3D capabilities in 3Space Technical, combined with the ease of design delivered in Visio, results in a powerful and effective tool for space planners, on-line training and designers."

In a product demonstration at COMDEX in the Visio Corp. booth No. L2268, Visio Technical was used to design a 2D plan view of an office, complete with desk, computer, chair, walls, windows and a television. By simply selecting the TGS 3Space Technical add-on from the Visio "Tools" menu, a 3D representation of the 2D drawing was automatically created. 3Space Technical controls for lighting, textures, color and camera position were used to enhance the 3D scene, and objects were rotated and moved. As part of its two-way communications interface, 3Space Technical updated the Visio 2D document each time objects were moved in 3D. Once enhancements were complete, the 3Space Technical scene was viewed as an interactive 3D/VRML scene from within Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0.

"The 3Space Technical add-on for Visio is the latest example of TGS' innovation with 3D and VRML, and demonstrates our ability to deliver 3D graphics to volume commercial platforms," said Terry Baker, President of TGS. "Our product focus is to deliver 3D capabilities across the enterprise, from developer tools to end-user applications, with unmatched integration of 3D/VRML with the desktop and the Internet."

The 3Space Technical add-on for Visio will be shipped within 45 days for Windows NT™ and Windows 95®. The product can be ordered immediately from TGS at or 619/457-5359 x 251, and can be purchased through authorized TGS distributors. Pricing for 3Space Technical for Visio is $195 per copy, with site pricing and quantity discounts available.

San Diego-based Template Graphics Software, along with its subsidiary G5G in Bordeaux, France, produces cross-platform graphics software for Fortune 500, government, independent software vendors, and academic and research organizations. TGS is the largest independent software supplier of products based upon the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), ANSI/ISO PHIGS+, Silicon Graphics' OpenGL® and Open Inventor™.

Teamed with Silicon Graphics, TGS initiated 3D/VRML in April 1995 with the first-ever VRML add-on for PC-based Web browsers, called WebSpace™ Navigator. TGS, a pioneer in VRML and distributed 3D graphics, delivers professional 3D graphics tools and applications targeting CAD/CAM, scientific, engineering, visualization and technical 3D markets.

TGS is a leading provider of 3D/VRML tools for C++®, ActiveX™, VBScript™ and JavaScript™, as well as interactive viewers, browsers and authoring applications. TGS Open Inventor and VRML developer and end-user tools are bundled by Microsoft Corp. for Visual C++® and the Internet Explorer Starter Kit, and by Digital Equipment Corp. for Windows NT Intel® and Alpha® systems.

Template Graphics Software is a member of Microsoft Component Builders, Digital Internet Innovators, ANSI/ISO X3H3 graphics committees, the OpenGL Advisory Forum, the VRML Technical Forum and is active in establishing new standards and directions for computer graphics technologies.

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