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Hitachi Software Announces SmartView 2.0 for Visio Product Line

New Version Provides Image Processing Capabilities Inside Visio and Visio Technical

BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Hitachi Software Engineering America, Image and Information Systems Division, today announced SmartView™ 2.0, the next version of its Microsoft® Windows®-based software program, designed as complementary add-on image viewing and editing package for the Visio® and Visio®Technical programs. SmartView represents the first third-party image processing solution developed for the Visio product line.

With support for over 40 industry-standard file formats, SmartView, allows users to easily integrate image data such as digital or scanned photographs, scanned paper-based documents, or video clip stills to add more visual, descriptive elements to Visio drawings and diagrams.

"As a Visio Business Partner, Hitachi has demonstrated great innovation by bringing its technology closer to the Windows desktop," said Paul Lewis, general manager of the Visio Solutions Business unit at Visio Corp. "SmartView offers Visio users impressive capabilities for working with raster images in a variety of applications."

New features in SmartView 2.0 include an updated user interface, the ability to link images directly to Visio shapes, and image processing routines such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness adjustment, edge detection, and zooming, just to name a few. These features combined with SmartView's already robust image engine provide Visio and Visio Technical users with a complete imaging solution. But perhaps the primary benefit SmartView 2.0 offers is that all image editing can be performed from within the Visio program, without having to leave the program window and open a third party imaging package. This increased efficiency saves time and money compared to other methods.

The applications for graphical image data used in conjunction with Visio projects are truly multidimensional, depending on the nature of the specific project. Images provide an extremely effective means of adding graphical, visual description, as well as optimizing the actual design and drafting process. For example, with a manufacturing process flow diagram designed in Visio, SmartView can be used to link photographs of actual parts directly to specific and relevant portions of that diagram. The consolidation of these resources into a single document serves to increase communication, and thereby the efficiency, within a given organization.

According to Shoichi Kitaoka, vice president and general manager at Hitachi Software in Boulder, "SmartView 2.0 provides Visio users with a comprehensive solution for working with image data in conjunction with Visio drawings and diagrams. The new image processing features add a whole new scope to the type of work that can be done inside Visio and Visio Technical, and serve to strengthen Visio's position as a true enterprise-wide solution."

SmartView 2.0 will support the Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT operating systems, and will be available in December 1996, directly from Hitachi Software and various resellers. The retail price for a single user license of SmartView is $199. Corporate site licenses and multiple-unit pricing are also available.

Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange "HITACHI SOFT"), one of the largest and most respected software manufacturers in the world. In its fiscal year ending September 30, 1995, Hitachi claimed over 4,500 professionals and revenues of approximately $1 billion. Hitachi Software's Image and Information Systems Division is based in Boulder, Colorado, and has been an industry leader in imaging and conversion software for over eight years.

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