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CADD Consortium Begins Port to Visio Technical

New Graphics Engine Provides Interoperability Across Drawing Applications

FRANKTOWN, Colo., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Moving quickly, the CADD (Computer Aided Drawing/Design) consortium Team Asia/Americas Solutions® (TAS) is porting selected members' software onto Visio® Technical 3.0, the latest product from Shapeware Corporation, Seattle, WA.

The first member of TAS to port to Visio Technical is KETIV Technologies Inc. of Portland OR (503-252-3230). KETIV's current offerings include architectural design and construction software plus architectural and site design symbols and shapes libraries. The first products KETIV will port to Visio Technical will be their architectural symbols and shapes.

The new TAS applications based on Visio Technical will complement the consortium's industry standard suite of AutoCAD® based software solutions. According to Craig Dodge, VP Marketing for KETIV, "Our new Visio-based solutions will meet the need for low-cost, easy to use technical applications targeted at the Windows desktop. Our AutoCAD- based applications will continue to be our flagship products by providing the best set of solutions available for traditional CAD applications."

"The members of the TAS Consortium are well known for their industry standard software solutions," said John Forbes, Manager of Technical Drawing for Shapeware. "Their decision to port to Visio Technical will insure that our customers have access to the finest vertical solution software available." TAS Focuses On Interoperability

TAS is an industry consortium of technical drawing, design and engineering application software developers dedicated to providing a set of fully interoperable software solutions. TAS was founded in December of 1993 when a number of key Autodesk, Inc. developers toured Asia/Pacific together and agreed that customers were demanding that multiple third party technical drawing applications work in harmony with each other. Customers wanted to pick and choose the "best of breed" software from multiple developers across multiple disciplines and have the products work together and share data.

TAS is managed by Strategic Alliances & Marketing (SAM), a channel consulting firm founded by Don R. Brown. According to Brown, "True interoperability demands tight integration with the host system. The Visio Technical graphics engine offers state of the art support for OLE 2.0 and complete compliance with the Windows GUI. Visio Technical is the first Windows based graphics engine which provides the level of interoperability that our customers demand of us."

Team Asia/Americas Solutions serves North and South America plus the entire Asia/Pacific region. TAS is unlike any other CADD consortium in that the members are pro-active in joint marketing, promotion, distribution and interoperability issues in two thirds of the world. TAS provides a business model for developers to work together for the benefit of the customer and their respective companies. Strategic Alliances & Marketing (SAM) and TAS can be reached at 303-660-4820.

Following is a partial listing of TAS members, products & industries served:

ARCHIBUS/FMBoston MAFacilities Management
AimaSoft Inc.San Rafael CAANSI Symbols Library, Mech & Dbase
Eclipse SoftwareBellingham WAArchitecture Design & Utilities
Estimation Inc.Linthicum Hts MDElec, Mech, HVAC Estimating Software
Hitachi Sftwr Eng AmBoulder CORaster to Vector, Gray Scale Conversion
International Sftwr SysCalgary ABPower & Process Plant Design
KANOTECH LTD.Edmonton ABMapping/GIS/Infrastructure App. Dev.
KETIV Tech IncPortland ORArchitectural and Symbols/Shapes
Research Eng IncYorba Linda CACivil, Structural, Project Management

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