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Visio Solutions Library Makes Online Debut; CyberSource Announced as First Electronic Distribution Partner

Addition of Electronic Distribution Channel Broadens Accessibility to Visio Solutions, Add-Ons

CHICAGO, June 3 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) today announced the availability of its Visio Solutions Library™, featured on Visio's Web site at, in addition to announcing an agreement with CyberSource Corp. to resell Visio-created add-on products and solutions electronically in North America. The Visio Solutions Library, comprising Visio® SmartShapes® solutions and add- ons as well as solutions offered by Visio Business Partners, showcases new applications of Visio technology and addresses the specific needs of numerous market segments. The Visio Solutions Library contains hot links directly to CyberSource®™, a leading Internet- based software store where customers can electronically purchase and download solutions over the Internet.

"We fully support the idea of allowing our customers to purchase software in a manner that's best suited to their needs," said Tim Buckley, vice president of sales for Visio Corp. "In some instances, this will be in electronic distribution form, and in other cases purchases may follow a more traditional distribution path. Our intended support of a multitier electronic distribution model, as recently initiated by Microsoft Corp., allows us to make optimal use of our channel partnerships while offering our customers a new and easy vehicle for obtaining Visio products. We expect Visio to be among the first vendors to participate in this new multitier model, which will likely be operational this summer."

"We are pleased to offer Visio products at because we believe that the electronic form of these products will be readily received by Visio customers," said Tom Clements, director of marketing at CyberSource. "We look forward to supporting Visio's move into electronic distribution with our expertise and technology in electronic transaction processing and fulfillment for multitier and single-tier distribution models."

Third-party solutions available as part of the Visio Solutions Library include SmartView by Hitachi Software Engineering America Ltd., an imaging package that allows users to incorporate photos and scanned documents into Visio drawings; Law Enforcement Mobile Information System (LEMIS) by PSI International, designed for law enforcement personnel to document crime scenes and accident reports quickly and easily; Spatialist Universal Data Interface (UDI) by Kanotech Information Systems Ltd., which allows users to maintain a direct link between a Visio drawing and a Microsoft® Access database; and GRAFCET for Visio by CDE France, which enables users to create and exchange technical drawings in French standards Grafcet, Gemma and GemmaC. Additional third-party solutions will be added to the Visio Solutions Library as they are developed and approved by Visio Corp. Customers will have the ability to view descriptions of each third-party solution on Visio's Web site and will be directed to the developer for purchase.

"The Visio Solutions Library provides us with an excellent vehicle to showcase and market our SmartView imaging solution," said Shoichi Kitaoka, vice president and general manager of the image and information systems division at Hitachi Engineering America. "The opportunity to expand SmartView's online presence to where it is so closely associated with Visio's adds a whole new dimension to our overall product marketing strategy."

Visio products available for downloading via include SmartShapes solutions and add-ons in the following categories: architecture, engineering and construction; engineering; general business; information systems; insurance and law; multipurpose; process management; and science and medicine. The estimated street prices of these solutions range from $49 to $379. They require either Visio or Visio Technical. These solutions are well-suited for electronic distribution due to their small file sizes. Visio SmartShapes solutions will also be available in packaged form through traditional channels, including corporate and mail-order resellers, as well as direct from Visio.

To obtain more information on any Visio product, customers can contact Visio at (800) 24-VISIO (248-4746), ext. 93W. Additional information on Visio Corp. is also available via CompuServe, MSN™, The Microsoft Network, and the Visio home page at

Visio Solutions Library Premiering at Windows World

Products and services provided through the Visio Solutions Library are being showcased June 3-6 at Windows World in Chicago at McCormick Place North, Level 3 North, Booth W3720.

About Visio Corp.

Visio Corp., a leading supplier of enterprisewide business diagramming and technical drawing software, was founded in September 1990. The Seattle-based company pioneered the drawing and diagramming market with the release of Visio 1.0 in November 1992, and has since released additional Windows®-based products for the creation and exchange of drawings and diagrams in business. Visio's powerful product architecture, combined with partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments, is establishing Visio as a desktop platform standard for the creation of graphical solutions. The company markets the Visio product line in more than 26 countries throughout the world.

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