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New Visio Express 3.0 Offered in Promotions with Microsoft Office

Microsoft Designs Special Promotions to Give Office Users Drag and Drop Drawing Right Where They Need It — Within Word, Excel and Powerpoint

SEATTLE, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Shapeware Corporation today announced that Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) is currently supporting several promotions worldwide that offer a free copy of Visio Express™ 3.0 to purchasers of Microsoft® Office.

Visio Express 3.0 for Microsoft Office, which began shipping in September, is the latest version of Shapeware's drag and drop drawing program designed specifically for users of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint®. Designed with the same "look and feel" as Microsoft Office, Visio Express 3.0 gives users powerful drawing and diagramming capabilities directly within their Office applications.

With the previous version of Visio Express for Microsoft Office, Shapeware was the first vendor to take advantage of component software technology and deliver on the promise of seamless integration.

New Features and Better Performance

Visio Express 3.0 builds on the innovative drag and drop drawing capabilities of Visio™ technology, offering a variety of new features and performance enhancements. A key new feature is the Universal Connector, which makes connecting shapes and editing drawings faster and easier. In addition, files that include Visio Express 3.0 drawings are smaller — drawings are approximately 40 percent the size of those created with the previous version of Visio Express. The new version of Visio Express 3.0 for Microsoft Office also includes improved OLE 2.0 implementation and optimized interaction between Visio Express and Microsoft products.

"Suite applications represent a dominant share of the Windows market," said Morgan Brown, Visio product manager at Shapeware. "Therefore, it is important for us to provide Microsoft Office users with a Visio Express product that is specifically designed to work with the programs they use every day. Making it easy to integrate Visio drawings into word processing, spreadsheets and presentation programs is a key element of our product strategy."

Visio Express Offered Free to Office Users

Shapeware Corporation and Microsoft Corporation have teamed together to offer Visio Express 3.0 to users of Microsoft Office. From now through the end of January 1995, Microsoft is offering a free copy of Visio Express 3.0 to purchasers of Microsoft Office in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, Microsoft offers Visio Express 3.0 as a free product option to all users who purchase Microsoft Office Standard, Office Professional, or Office Professional & Bookshelf®. In Germany, Visio Express 3.0 is bundled directly within the Microsoft Office product box (this offer is available from September 1994 through January 1995). In France, Microsoft Office users receive an exclusive offering of Visio Express 3.0 through a coupon that is included in the Microsoft Office product box.

"Because Shapeware understands the drawing needs of our users, we welcome the opportunity to partner with them in this special promotion," said Chris Peters, vice president of the Office business unit at Microsoft Corporation. "We designed this promotion to allow our users, who have needs for drawing and diagramming, to easily obtain a product specifically optimized for their Microsoft Office applications. Because Visio Express 3.0 offers advanced integration with Office using OLE 2.0, it enables Office users to easily create impressive business drawings directly within their Office applications."

Pricing and Availability

Visio Express 3.0 for Microsoft Office is available today from leading national distributors, corporate resellers, retail channels, direct marketers and directly from Shapeware. The U.S. suggested retail price of Visio Express 3.0 is $79, including 90 days of free technical support and a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Registered users of earlier versions of Visio Express can upgrade to Visio Express 3.0 for no charge (with $8.95 for shipping and handling). In addition, users of Visio Express can upgrade to the full version of Visio 3.0 for $79. Visio Express 3.0 for Lotus SmartSuite® is also available for a U.S. suggested retail price of $79.

To place an upgrade order or to obtain more information on Visio Express or any Visio product, customers can contact Shapeware at 800-446-3335.

System Requirements

Visio Express 3.0 requires Microsoft Windows™ version 3.1 or later on a 386, 486, or Pentium™-based computer or higher, with 6 MB of RAM and running at 25 MHz or faster. It also requires a VGA, Super VGA, XGA, or 8514/A graphics card and monitor, plus a Microsoft Mouse or other Windows 3.1-compatible pointing device. Visio takes advantage of a math coprocessor if one is present on the host system, but a coprocessor is not required.

About Shapeware

Shapeware was founded in October 1990 to develop and market business graphics software for mainstream computer users. The Seattle-based company pioneered the business drawing and diagramming market with the release of Visio 1.0 in November 1992. Since then, Shapeware has released additional drag and drop drawing products including Visio 3.0, Visio Express 3.0 for Microsoft Office, Visio Express 3.0 for Lotus SmartSuite, the International English version of Visio 3.0, French Visio 3.0, German Visio 3.0, Visio Home 3.0 and 16 after market Visio Shapes™ products. The company's cofounders include Jeremy Jaech and Dave Walter, two of the founders of Aldus Corporation, and Ted Johnson, the lead developer of Aldus® PageMaker® for Windows.

NOTE: Visio Express, Visio and Visio Shapes are trademarks of Shapeware Corporation. Microsoft, PowerPoint and Bookshelf are registered trademarks and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Lotus SmartSuite is a registered trademark of Lotus Development Corporation. Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corporation. Aldus and PageMaker are registered trademarks of Aldus Corporation.

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