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Visio's Stock Is An `Excellent Investment'

Here are recent brokerage-house and investment-advisory opinions affecting Pacific Northwest stocks. The Seattle Times neither advises against nor recommends purchase of these stocks. Stock symbols and stock quotations are listed in parentheses, the latter reflecting prices when reports were issued. Ratings definitions vary, but most companies have five rankings, which are, from highest to lowest:

-- Buy or highest.

-- Accumulate, mild buy, outperform, attractive or above average.

-- Neutral, hold, reasonably priced, average or market performer.

-- Mild sell, unattractive, below average or underperform.

-- Sell, lowest.

Visio (VSIO, $49.125) continues to be a "strong buy" at Piper Jaffray, says Bob Toomey, an analyst at the brokerage's Seattle office.

"Visio has performed superbly in positioning its products as the leaders in the market for Windows-based business diagramming and drawing software tools," Toomey wrote. "We cannot stress how strongly we feel about the future growth potential for Visio and its products."

Toomey says that because the stock trades at a 20 percent discount to its growth rate, it is "an excellent investment." (Report issued Jan. 3)

Boeing (BA, $101). Analyst (1): Morton Siegel, Value Line. Recommendation: Average. Comment: Over three to five years, this good stock offers only average returns. (Jan. 3) Analyst (2): Bob Toomey, Piper Jaffray. Recommendation: Strong buy.

Comment: Stock-price target stretches to $130-$150. (Dec. 17) Analyst (3): Dain Bosworth. Recommendation: Buy. Comment: Boeing should deliver above-average profits and cash flow through the end of the decade. (Dec. 16)

Microsoft (MSFT, $83.375). Analyst: Barry Randall, Dain Bosworth. Recommendation: Buy. Comment: Microsoft will survive the coming shakeout. It is recommended for patient investors. (Dec. 11)

PriceCostco (PCCW, $25.625). Analyst: Bob Toomey, Piper Jaffray. Recommendation: Strong buy. Comment: The strategy is strong. The target price rises to $30-$35 from $27-$29. (Dec. 27)

Ride (RIDE, $6). Analyst: Peter Jacobs, Ragen MacKenzie. Recommendation: Accumulate. Comment: Despite short-term charges, the long-term industry fundamentals remain in place. (Dec. 30)

Safeco (SAFC, $39). Analyst: Peter Azcue, Value Line. Recommendation: Below average. Comment: This is a blue-chip holding long term, but there's no rush to buy it at this level. (Jan. 3)

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