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Visio Registered Developer Network Reaches 10,000 Members

Visio Delivers Tools and Resources That Help Developers Create Innovative Solutions

SEATTLE, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) today announced that the Visio Registered Developer Network (VRDN) reached the 10,000 member mark. Launched last February, VRDN is a free online resource and community for developers of custom solutions based on Visio and Microsoft technologies. Membership grew quickly because of VRDN's creative approach to helping developers around the world by providing advanced, premium technical content. That content includes live interactive Web broadcasts, access to tips and tricks, tools and samples, online training, discounts, case studies, and other resources for creating solutions based on the powerful Visio 2000 technology. The Visio Developer Network Web site ( receives more than 600,000 hits a month, with more than 25,000 individual user sessions.

"To achieve this kind of response in such a short time demonstrates developers' desire to create applications on a visual platform," said Dave Edson, Visio senior technical evangelist. "Developers see the true value of visualization and are increasingly making graphics an integral part of their tactical solutions for business. They understand how the Visio platform brings together the three things businesses need — text, data and graphics."

Visio Technology as a Development Platform

"Once I was exposed to Visio software, it wasn't long before I saw the power of the product and decided to create my own Visio-based CASE tool — which even included a code-generation engine," said Joshua Trainer, now president of Trainer Engineering. Trainer developed his CASE tool when he was the lead engineer for the Submarine Multi-Mission Team Trainer system at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport. The tool started out as a code-generation engine for a submarine simulation system. It created C++ code from the Object Oriented Analysis models that were developed with the CADRE TeamWorks CASE tool. Last year, the tool was a significant contributor to the successful deployment of the first version of the Submarine Multi-Mission Team Trainer at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It is still in use today.

Parrimark Technology and CADplanners are using Visio technology combined with Parrimark's Events Perfect software to manage events and function spaces for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The Australia- and U.K.-based Parrimark uses Visio's SmartShapes™ technology to develop time-efficient solutions that precisely manage space at events. The CADplanning team creates accurately scaled plan templates using intelligent SmartShapes technology representing specific furniture and equipment unique to each facility. These shapes are simply "dragged" and "dropped" onto the scaled plans to create a custom diagram for each event. CADplanners clients report that they have seen a 30 percent increase in capacity of some event facilities, largely due to using this software. Parrimark's CADplanning division also provides a valuable Visio-based plan service to event management companies and is now recognized as the leader in their field. "Having a tool that lets us pre-stage and visualize entire events helps us with planning and managing the details necessary to meet our clients' expectations — and helps us grow our business," said David Perry, director at Australia-based CADplanners.

The Visio 2000 platform gave Apprentice Systems, a software-consulting firm, the necessary features and performance to build a data mining and knowledge management application for the process industries. Chemical companies, for example, have millions of legacy piping and instrumentation diagrams (P& ID) that are used daily in the operation and maintenance of the operating facilities, as well as for design modifications. Although the information shown on these diagrams represents a large portion of the company's intellectual capital, it is not intelligently linked to the rest of the data needed to make daily decisions.

"The spatial reasoning feature in Visio 2000 makes it possible to capture the rules used to map dumb DXF graphics into smart Visio P&ID shapes. We are able to create robust, enterprise-wide visual knowledge management systems using our Apprentice design agent technology," said Stephen Strong, technical director at Apprentice Systems.

Profile of VRDN Members

The 10,000 members of the Visio Registered Developer Network come from a variety of companies, industries and governments worldwide. Fifty-seven percent of the membership works for computer equipment and services companies and 13 percent come from the public sector. Currently, 65 percent of VRDN members work inside the U.S. Members include network/LAN analysts, professional developers, corporate developers, consultants and IT implementers. Typically members use Visual Basic as their primary development tool, although Visual C++ and other tools are used as well. More than 60 percent of VRDN members include a graphics component in their custom solution and a vast majority of those use Visio technology. Seventy-two percent of those who do not currently include a graphics component in their solutions believe that they have a need for one.

About Visio Corp.

Visio is the leading supplier of enterprise-wide business diagramming and technical drawing software, with an installed base of 3.5 million users worldwide. Founded in September 1990, the Seattle-based company pioneered the drawing and diagramming software market with the release of Visio 1.0 in November 1992 and has since released additional Windows-based graphics applications that offer users a unique and effective way to communicate and work. Visio's powerful product line is becoming a worldwide standard for graphical solutions in business, with the support of partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments. Visio products are available in as many as 12 language versions and are sold in more than 45 countries.

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