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Internal Revenue Service Signs Agreement with Visio Corp., and Intellisys Technology Corp

IRS Improves Business Communications and Streamlines Worker Efficiency with Visio 2000

SEATTLE, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO), and Intellisys Technology Corp. (ITC) today announced a new agreement for the Internal Revenue Service to license 87,000 IRS employees to use Visio 2000 Standard, Professional and Technical editions. The deal enables the IRS to order Visio product editions from the Internet, then receive them via electronic download delivery.

"We are looking for software solutions that can help improve productivity and overall communications," said Dan McLaughlin, department systems branch chief for the IRS. "Signing an agreement such as this means easier and faster deployment of the software, more simplified tracking of licenses and increased cost savings from an economy of scale which will save taxpayer dollars."

Visual Solution Yields Improved Communication

In an effort to streamline its processes, the IRS is seeking tools that allow it to communicate more effectively and enhance overall productivity. Visio 2000 enables the IRS to take an important step toward that goal by helping to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of communication among its various departments and widely dispersed groups of employees.

The Visio 2000 products are sophisticated visualization software representing the latest in technical drawing and business diagramming with capabilities particularly suited to large organizations like the IRS. With Visio 2000, the IRS workforce is able to produce commonly used business diagrams such as organization charts or flowcharts. Visio 2000 also allows users to automatically produce complex representations of information technology networks, software, and database applications, and to create technical drawings and schematics. Using Visio as a common business graphics platform or "standard," IRS employees will be able to exchange drawings via e-mail or through an intranet site, improving their ability to communicate internally and share information externally.

Products Ordered, Delivered Electronically via Internet

"ITC and its partners are at the forefront of leveraging the Internet and e-commerce to help meet the procurement challenges facing the federal government," said Steve Baldwin, president and chief executive officer at ITC. "We are extremely excited to join with leaders in the software enterprise arena, such as Visio and, to simplify the information technology acquisition process." and ITC offer the IRS the unique ability to digitally deliver software for Windows NT systems throughout the IRS. Digitally downloading Visio's products will result in significant cost savings for the agency. Digital download involves transmitting the intellectual property of software in bits and bytes over the Internet.

Largest Visio Enterprise Agreement

The deal, Visio's largest revenue sale to a federal agency to date, represents the company's continued expansion and success within the government arena. "This deal exemplifies a trend of more and more large organizations making Visio their standard drawing tool," said Tom Hull, senior vice president of worldwide sales for Visio. "This agreement demonstrates the strength and flexibility of the Visio 2000 product line. It also shows how we can provide companies and government agencies like the IRS with solutions that enable them to meet their internal goals of improved communications and reduced total cost of ownership."

About ITC

Founded in 1983, Fairfax, Va.-based ITC is at the forefront of government e-commerce applications and provides enterprise technology services and products to organizations throughout the government. ITC was recently selected as one of two contractors to prime the three-year, $300 million U.S. Army Personal Computer — 3(PC-3) contract. For additional information on ITC and its products and services, visit .

About sells commercial, off-the-shelf software to the government, enterprise, corporate and consumer markets, offering its customers a better place to buy software. Visitors to the company's online store enjoy a comprehensive selection of software backed by customer service and competitive pricing. offers more than 1.6 million software and other digital products. The company has established strategic marketing alliances with America Online Inc., CNET Inc., Compaq Computer Corp., Excite@Home, HP Shopping Village, Microsoft Corp., Road Runner/ServiceCo., Yahoo! Inc. and ZDNet. Additionally, offers software publishers, hardware manufacturers and systems OEMs e-commerce solutions, including publishers transaction processing, physical and electronic order fulfillment, customer support, site design consultation, marketing support and reporting.

About Visio Corp.

Visio is the leading supplier of enterprisewide business diagramming and technical drawing software, with an installed base of 3.5 million users worldwide. Founded in September 1990, the Seattle-based company pioneered the drawing and diagramming software market with the release of Visio 1.0 in November 1992 and has since released additional Windows-based graphics applications that offer users a unique and effective way to communicate and work. Visio's powerful product line is becoming a worldwide standard for graphical solutions in business, with the support of partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments. Visio products are available in as many as 12 language versions and are sold in more than 45 countries.

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