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FIS Inc. Selects Visio as Development Platform for Facilities Management Products

First Product to Debut at World Workplace Conference

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Today at the World Workplace Conference, Facility Information Systems, Inc. (FIS Inc.) announced that they have joined Visio's Technical Partner Program and will develop a line of facilities management products built upon Visio® 2000 Technical Edition. FIS Inc.'s first product will be Facility Drawing Coordinator (FDC) for Visio and will be available during the first quarter of next year. World Workplace Conference attendees can see the first public preview of FDC for Visio in presentations in both the FIS Inc. booth #1407 and the Visio booth # 231, Oct. 3-5 at the Los Angles Convention Center.

"We're delighted that such a well-known facilities management company as FIS Inc. has joined our partner program and is committing to Visio as a powerful development platform for its products," said Mark Sherman, director of the Engineering and Design Customer Unit at Visio.

FDC for Visio is a key component of FIS' Facility Business Intelligence™ (FBI) application that provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to facilities information stored in the Oracle-based FBI application. Combined with Visio Technical, this product will enable office and department managers to contribute to facilities planning. This enhances facility managers' ability to manage changes because it provides a more cost-effective, efficient communications process regarding office moves, additions and changes. And the ease-of-use and low cost of Visio allow it to be broadly deployed across the enterprise.

"Visio's graphical interface, its open architecture, and attractive price point allow FIS to offer our customers more cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions. They can visually plan and distribute spatial information to decision makers anywhere in their organization," said Bruce Hanna, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FIS.

Facility management is becoming an adjunct to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, because large corporations can save hundreds of millions of dollars by more effective planning and management of their facilities. FDC on Visio will help Real Estate executives deploy assets to the workforce for maximum productivity at minimum cost. FDC for Visio provides an effective way for managers to visualize the impact of location on their deployment of corporate assets. FIS on the Visio platform puts highest quality productivity tools on the desktops of key personnel throughout the enterprise.

Visio 2000 Technical Edition provides facility managers and their staff with the ability to quickly and efficiently create their own precise drawings. Also important to the new FIS product is Visio's SmartShapes technology that allows shapes to behave like the real-world objects they represent — walls, doors, windows, spaces, furniture, fixtures, and other equipment. Rather than drafting with lines, arcs and circles, users simply 'assemble' drawings by dragging and dropping the relevant shapes onto the page.

Using SmartShapes technology, users can also store data in the shape properties or link that information to databases or spreadsheets, and then automatically generate detailed reports from the stored data.

FIS Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise-wide Facility Management (FM) systems.

Visio Corp. is the leading supplier of enterprise-wide business diagramming and technical drawing software, with an installed base of more than 3 million users worldwide.