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New Developer Tools in Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise Editions Debut at Compass '99

Company Unveils Expanded Developer Technologies to Help Developers Gain Control of Database and Software Designs

CHIGAGO, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Today at COMPASS '99, Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) debuted the next generation of its award-winning Visio® developer tools, Visio 2000 Professional Edition and Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition. Both product editions are based on the re-architected Visio 2000 engine, a common graphics technology for creating and exchanging drawings across departments and between disciplines. The Professional and Enterprise Editions provide database and software developers with comprehensive, productive, and affordable ways to visualize and develop information technology systems. Visio developer tools contribute to more accurate design by facilitating communication with team members and end users. Both product editions will ship later this year, but can be previewed Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 at the COMPASS '99 show in Booth No. 308.

"Visio 2000 Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition extend Visio's recognized leadership in IT diagramming by delivering dramatic productivity gains for database and software developers. The new developer-specific tools help these professionals visualize, develop, and communicate about IT systems," said Lori Pearce, general manager, IT products group, Visio Corporation. "The leading-edge Visio 2000 technology provides robust solutions that allow developers to build more efficient, robust, maintainable systems architecture."

Professional Edition enables developers to map proposed database and software structures and to visualize existing architectures. Enterprise Edition includes Professional Edition's functionality, and provides tools to enhance the productivity of database and software developers by directly assisting in the development of new systems. Built on the Visio 2000 engine, both products enable documentation of larger systems, provide a more streamlined work environment, and include support for business diagrams found in Visio 2000 Standard Edition. New design and documentation tools also provide enhanced support for planning and documenting networks and Web sites. For information about the network-specific features of Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise Editions, see "New Networking Capabilities in Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise Editions Debut at NetWorld+Interop" at

Visio 2000 Professional Edition

Visio 2000 Professional Edition, the market leader in IT diagramming and documentation software, supports industry-standard content through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface for the quick creation of IT diagrams. Professional Edition enables users who plan and document information systems to automatically create detailed drawings that accurately document existing database and software applications. New developer-specific solutions delivered in Visio 2000 Professional Edition include:

  • More Detailed Database Diagramming. Now users can gain a more complete understanding of existing database structures and produce more detailed documentation to distribute to others. New reverse engineering tools support leading client/server and desktop databases and enable documentation of databases to code-level detail.
  • Expanded UML Software Design. Professional Edition helps software developers plan software projects by supporting all Unified Modeling Language (UML) 1.2 diagram types. It also allows users to reverse engineer Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Java code to create UML diagrams displaying the class structures in existing applications.
  • Advanced Data Flow Diagramming. The new advanced data flow diagramming solution helps users save time and ensure accurate data flow diagrams by allowing them to automatically create detail pages to drill down on process details. Inputs and outputs are displayed to help ensure correctly balanced diagrams.
  • Improved Web site Mapping. Users can now discover and map Web sites in greater detail, including support for Java, ASP, and HTML tags. Professional Edition helps users quickly identify broken links. They can also take advantage of improved layout options, such as collapsible branches, to enable more customizable Web site mapping and conceptual Web design.

Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition

Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition, a functional superset of Professional Edition, builds on the diagramming features found in the Professional Edition to give developers a headstart on development tasks. Database developers can generate new database applications from database diagrams and synchronize models with databases for up-to-date schemas. Software developers can reverse engineer code from Microsoft Visual Studio and automatically generate code skeletons. New developer-specific solutions delivered in the Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition include:

  • Workgroup Collaboration Database Tools. Database designers can produce collaborative database designs with team members by merging individual database diagrams into a single project model. The database design team can make further refinements to the project model or to the database and migrate those changes back to the source models.
  • UML Code Generation and Reporting. With the enhanced UML solution in Enterprise Edition, users can generate Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, and Java code skeletons from UML class diagrams to jumpstart development projects. They can also produce detailed reports for static structure, deployment, and activity diagrams.
  • Business Rules-based Database Design. Enterprise Edition provides integrated support for Object Role Modeling (ORM), which allows users to enter business rules in natural language and then automatically generate entity relationship database models and DBMS-specific database schema. This conceptual database design approach facilitates collaboration among a wide variety of contributors.

Pricing and Availability

COMPASS '99 attendees may stop by the Visio booth, No. 308, Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 to preview Visio 2000 software. Visio 2000 Professional Edition is scheduled to be available in November for a suggested retail price of $399 (U.S.). Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition is scheduled to be available later in the fourth quarter for a suggested retail price of $995 (U.S.). Special upgrade pricing will be available for current Visio users. Customers may purchase through the company's conventional channels or via the new online Visio 2000 Upgrade Center located at . The Upgrade Center is the central source for information regarding Visio 2000, and is a fast and simple means to purchase or upgrade to Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise Editions. It contains extensive information on how to purchase directly or upgrade through existing licensing agreements, established corporate resellers or traditional retail channels.

For more information about Visio Corp., Visio 2000 Professional or Enterprise Editions, or any of the other Visio 2000 product editions, customers can visit the online Upgrade Center or contact Visio at 877-NEW-VISIO.

About Visio Corp.

Founded in 1990, Visio Corp. is the leading supplier of enterprise-wide business diagramming and technical drawing software. The Seattle-based company pioneered the Microsoft Windows-based drawing and diagramming software market when it launched Visio 1.0 in 1992. Since then, it has released additional visual tools that offer users unique and effective ways to think, communicate and work. With a worldwide installed base of more than 3 million users, Visio's powerful product line is the standard for businesses that need drawing and diagramming software to communicate visually. Visio offers customers the support of partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments. Its products are available in as many as 12 language versions and are sold in more than 45 countries.

For more information about Visio and its products, customers can contact Visio at 800-24-VISIO (248-4746), ext. 93W, or visit the company's Web site at

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