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New Networking Capabilities in Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise Editions Debut at Networld+Interop

Company Unveils Expanded Network Autodiscovery Technology, Network Reporting Module and Enhanced Directory Services Diagramming to Help IT Professionals Gain Control of Complex Network Environments

ATLANTA, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Today at NetWorld+Interop, Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) unveiled the next generation of its award-winning IT products, Visio® 2000 Professional Edition and Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition. The new Professional and Enterprise Editions are based on the rearchitected Visio 2000 engine, a common graphics technology for creating and exchanging drawings across departments and disciplines. All Visio 2000 product editions are based on the Visio 2000 engine and are targeted at people who want a more intuitive and effective way to communicate. Shipping later this year, Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise Editions can be previewed Sept. 14 — 16 at the show in Booth No. 1146.

"Visio 2000 Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition extend Visio's recognized leadership in IT diagramming by delivering dramatic productivity gains and new network-specific tools that help transform ideas and information into visual understanding and action," said Lori Pearce, general manager, professional products group, Visio. "These essential upgrades offer a more complete solution for managing networks, databases, applications and Web sites for mission-critical operations and allow IT professionals to take advantage of the leading-edge Visio 2000 technology."

The Visio 2000 technology provides IT professionals with a more visual way of working by delivering a streamlined work environment, the ability to create and publish larger drawings and Internet support — all of which are important when managing complex network environments.

Visio 2000 Professional Edition, the market leader in IT diagramming software, enables users who plan and document information systems to easily create detailed drawings that accurately document an enterprise network, from the physical topology to the directory services structure. Professional Edition supports industry standard content through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for the quick creation of IT diagrams and documentation that could take far more effort to create using alternative methods. New network-specific tools in Professional Edition include:

  • Improved Network Shapes. Users can update their diagrams with shapes that represent the most recent networking technologies, including various types of network equipment and directory services structures. Network-specific custom property fields enable users to define, store and report on specific attributes for each network equipment shape.
  • Directory Services Diagramming. Directory services tools provide a graphical, hierarchical approach to planning, diagramming and communicating the structure of the leading network directory services, including Microsoft Active Directory, Novell Directory Services and LDAP-based directories.

Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition, a functional superset of Professional Edition, builds on the diagramming features found in Professional Edition and automates documentation tasks for IT specialists who develop and maintain networks, databases, software applications, and Web sites. Database developers can design and re-engineer database systems from IBM, Informix, Microsoft, Oracle and many others; synchronize models with databases for up-to-date schemas; and merge multiple models to facilitate collaborative database design. Enterprise Edition also supports the reverse engineering and generation of software code to and from Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagrams. New network-specific solutions delivered in the Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition include:

  • Expanded network AutoDiscovery™ technology. With the emerging popularity of switched wide area networks, Enterprise Edition's enhanced AutoDiscovery technology now includes support for layer 2 (switched), layer 3 (IP network) and frame relay network environments. New AutoLayout technology makes it simple for users to automatically generate network diagrams of the discovered devices.
  • Visio Network Equipment shapes and network reports. Enterprise Edition now includes more than 18,000 manufacturer-specific Visio Network Equipment shapes, including more than 4,000 new shapes. Users can automatically generate network documentation in presentation-quality formats with 20 built-in network reports that allow users one additional avenue for sharing information about network infrastructures.
  • Enhanced directory services diagramming and import. Enterprise Edition customers can import existing directory structures from Microsoft Active Directory, Novell Directory Services and LDAP-based directories to graphically represent and understand those structures. With the import filter, users can specify which objects to import. The Directory Navigator provides a high-level view of the directory structures, while offering greater control over the layout of diagrams.

In addition, Enterprise Edition owners can purchase the new Real-Time Statistics add-on for network performance management. This add-on documents the behavior of a user's network environment, capturing valuable statistics stored in different devices and turning them into graphs that you can print or export for analysis.

"As IT architectures rapidly evolve, we need a better way to document, develop and manage our IT assets," said Christopher L. Hodges, network analyst with Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), a recognized leader in the technologies of teaching and healing. "Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition provides an integrated, cost-effective solution that will enable us to quickly take advantage of the sophisticated automated diagramming capabilities to design and document networks, databases and software applications."

Pricing and Availability

NetWorld+Interop attendees may stop by the Visio booth, No. 1146, Sept. 14 — 16 to purchase Visio 2000 software. Visio 2000 Professional Edition is scheduled to be available in early November for a suggested retail price of $399 (U.S.). Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition is scheduled to be available later in the fourth quarter for a suggested retail price of $995 (U.S.). Special upgrade pricing is available for current Visio users. Customers may purchase through the company's conventional channels, or via the new online Visio 2000 Upgrade Center located at The Upgrade Center is the central source for information regarding Visio 2000, and is a fast and simple means to purchase or upgrade to Visio 2000 Professional and Enterprise Editions. It contains extensive information on how to purchase directly or upgrade through existing licensing agreements, established corporate resellers or traditional retail channels.

For more information about Visio Corp., Visio 2000 Professional or Enterprise Editions, or any of the other Visio 2000 product editions, customers can visit the online Upgrade Center or contact Visio at 877-NEW-VISIO.

About Visio Corp.

Founded in 1990, Visio Corp. is the leading supplier of enterprisewide business diagramming and technical drawing software. The Seattle-based company pioneered the Microsoft Windows-based drawing and diagramming software market when it launched Visio 1.0 in 1992. Since then, it has released additional visual tools that offer users unique and effective ways to think, communicate and work. With a worldwide installed base of more than 3 million users, Visio's powerful product line is the standard for businesses that need drawing and diagramming software to communicate visually. Visio offers customers the support of partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments. Its products are available in as many as 12 language versions and are sold in more than 45 countries.

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