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Visio Ships New Release of Leading Technical Drawing and Diagramming Software: Visio 2000 Technical Edition

Improved Performance, Support for Larger Drawings and New Precision Drawing Tools Combine for a Compelling Upgrade

SEATTLE, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) today announced the immediate availability of Visio® 2000 Technical Edition, the second Visio 2000 product edition to ship and the latest version of Visio's leading technical drawing and diagramming software for engineers, designers and technical professionals who need to work with CAD drawings. Built on the re-architected Visio 2000 engine that underlies the entire Visio 2000 product family, Visio 2000 Technical Edition delivers significant improvements in performance, support for large drawings and unparalleled ease of use. The new Technical Edition also offers more precision drawing tools and superior CAD file interoperability, as well as a wide range of new and improved drawing solutions for key technical markets such as process engineering, facilities management and architecture/engineering/construction. The intuitive approach of Technical Edition in assembling drawings with Visio's pioneering SmartShapes® technology has proven that engineers, documentation specialists and other technical professionals can produce professional technical drawings quickly and efficiently without using complicated, expensive CAD software.

"Visio 2000 Technical Edition provides engineers with the ability to quickly and efficiently create their own precise drawings, without having to master a complex CAD program," said John Forbes, vice president, technical products at Visio. "Technical Edition offers engineers a better way to draw because it allows engineers to capture their design intent, eliminating the inefficiencies of working through multiple iterations with a drafting department in order to produce a finished drawing."

"Visio Technical is a favorite among engineers because it's inexpensive and easy to use," said Steve Weisberg, editor of the Engineering Automation Report. "It's not worth it for an engineer to first learn and then stay proficient in CAD just to do an occasional 2-D drawing, but where an engineer can save time by skipping the drafting department and creating the drawing himself, he will. By delivering more robustness and precision in this upgrade while remaining easy to learn and use, Technical Edition has earned its place on the engineering desktop."

Visio 2000 Intelligence Yields Faster Diagramming Capabilities

The key to providing technical users with a better way to draw is the unique SmartShapes technology in Technical Edition, in which shapes behave like the walls, pipes, valves, pumps, and other real-world objects they represent. Rather than drafting with lines, arcs and circles, users simply drag and drop the industry-standard shapes they need onto a page and then connect them using SmartConnectors™ that automatically route around objects and remain connected as shapes are repositioned. They can even store data in shapes, link them to databases or spreadsheets, and automatically generate detailed reports from the stored data. Visio 2000 Technical Edition supports larger technical drawings that contain thousands of shapes and provides new tools to aid navigation around large drawings, such as tabbed pages and a new pan-and-zoom window that provides a "bird's eye view" of the entire drawing. Other new features include the following:

  • Streamlined work environment. Key functionality is put at users' fingertips in four new anchored windows: pan and zoom, custom shape properties, shape size and position, and hierarchical Drawing Explorer, which provides a structured view into the data contained in the drawing.
  • New drawing tools. Visio 2000 Technical Edition includes new drawing tools that aid precise drawing, such as new shape extension lines that provide visual feedback about angles, tangents and other useful geometric relationships. Snapping behavior now identifies specific geometric points, such as endpoints, tangents and intersections.
  • Enhanced DWG and DGN compatibility. Visio 2000 Technical Edition reads and writes Autodesk AutoCAD DWG files from version 2.5 to AutoCAD 2000. Its revised DWG converter helps users insert and convert DWG files more easily. When a DWG file is inserted as a background reference, SmartShapes symbols will now automatically snap to the underlying DWG geometry for faster and more accurate placement. Visio 2000 Technical Edition will also read and write DGN files created by Bentley Systems MicroStation.
  • Automatic, fully dimensioned floor plans. Users can move from a rough concept for a space to a fully dimensioned floor plan by simply dragging and dropping building space shapes that automatically report area square footage onto the drawing page; a single click then results in a fully dimensioned floor-plan drawing. When the user drops doors, windows, furniture and other shapes onto the finished floor plan, these items automatically orient themselves and snap to walls.
  • Enhanced facilities management solution. Introduced in Visio Technical 5.0 Plus, the facilities management solution in Visio 2000 Technical Edition now links facilities drawings to data from any SQL-compliant database, and takes advantage of the new anchored window capabilities in Visio 2000.
  • Enhanced process engineering solution. The process engineering solution introduced in Visio Technical 5.0 Plus has been enhanced to take advantage of anchored window capabilities in Visio 2000, including new custom property editing capabilities, and uses new dynamic grid functionality to speed the creation of P&ID and PFD drawings.

Part of a Complete Enterprise Drawing Solution

Technical Edition is built on the Visio 2000 engine, a sixth-generation platform for a family of four Visio 2000 edition products that provide the entire enterprise — business, IT and engineering/manufacturing — with a common graphics technology for exchanging drawings across departments and disciplines. Visio 2000 supports the latest Microsoft technologies (such as Visual Basic for Applications 6.0, Microsoft Installer, Microsoft Office 2000 and Microsoft Windows 2000), enabling users to integrate Visio technology into existing IT infrastructures and reduce the total cost of ownership when deployed enterprisewide.

Pricing and Availability

Visio's new Upgrade Center is an online location for customers to purchase or upgrade to Visio 2000 Technical Edition and other Visio 2000 editions as they become available. It contains extensive information on how to purchase directly or upgrade through existing licensing agreements, established corporate resellers or traditional retail channels. The Visio 2000 Upgrade Center is the most comprehensive location for all information relating to Visio 2000 technology.

Visio 2000 Technical Edition is available immediately for purchase through the company's conventional channels, or via the Visio 2000 Upgrade Center, at , for the suggested retail price of $399 (U.S.). Current Visio Technical 5.0 or earlier customers are eligible to purchase Visio 2000 Technical Edition for $199 (U.S). Technical 5.0 Plus owners are eligible for an additional $100 rebate via coupon. For more information about Visio Corp., Visio 2000 Technical Edition or any of the other product editions to be released through the remainder of 1999, customers can visit the online Upgrade Center or contact Visio at 877-NEW-VISIO (639-8474).

About Visio Corp.

Founded in 1990, Visio Corp. is the leading supplier of enterprisewide business diagramming and technical drawing software. The Seattle-based company pioneered the Microsoft Windows-based drawing and diagramming software market when it launched Visio 1.0 in 1992. Since then, it has released additional visual tools that offer users unique and effective ways to think, communicate and work. With a worldwide installed base of more than 3 million users, Visio's powerful product line is the standard for businesses that need drawing and diagramming software to communicate visually. Visio offers customers the support of partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments. Its products are available in as many as 12 language versions and are sold in more than 45 countries.

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