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Visio Corp. Announces Visio 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0 for Windows 95

New Versions for Enterprisewide Drawing and Diagramming Solutions

SEATTLE — (BUSINESS WIRE) — July 31, 1995 — Visio Corp. today announced Visio® 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0, the next versions of its Microsoft® Windows®-based software programs, designed to set new standards in creating and exchanging business diagrams and technical drawings within corporate enterprises. Unrivaled consistency with Windows® 95 and other Windows-based programs, such as Microsoft Office for Windows 95, makes both Visio 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0 highly usable, core desktop applications.

The programs' optimization for Windows 95 includes integrated features such as long file names, Quick View previews of Visio drawings and diagrams and 20 percent faster performance. Visio 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0 will be among the first software applications shipping in the same time frame as Microsoft Corp.'s scheduled release of Windows 95 in August.

"The presence of more than 10 million Visio diagrams that already exist throughout corporations worldwide is a good indication of Visio's strength as an enterprisewide solution," said Ted Johnson, vice president of product development at Visio. "Visio's mission is to make drawing and diagramming so easy that it's a part of everyone's approach to daily communications."

Visio Responds to Market Demand

"Strong demand exists for graphics programs that revolutionize the way people carry out their daily work, although a challenge lies in convincing users that there is a better way," said Bill Caffery, vice president and industry analyst at Gartner Group of Stamford, Conn.

"Visio's true achievement is in thinking through users' drawing and diagramming needs. This is reflected in the programs' robust architecture and feature sets," said Johnson. "Visio 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0 establish a new paradigm in business diagramming and technical drawing."

Visio Technology Leverages the Standard Corporate Desktop

Visio Corp. has built its products on the premise of a common graphics engine, allowing one branded technology to meet the drawing and diagramming needs of a broad range of users. With Visio 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0, customers can rely on one technology that integrates well with their other desktop applications and can be easily customized to meet individual needs.

Support of the new Microsoft Office Binder feature allows users to create a single file, consisting of Word text, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint® presentation slides, and Visio diagrams. Furthermore, Visio's third-generation support of OLE aids users in seamlessly integrating diagrams into other applications. Visio's latest versions now support the Novell® PerfectOffice user interface, with continued full support of Lotus SmartSuite® and Microsoft Office interfaces. This feature is based upon users' preference to work with applications that "look and feel" similar to the office suite they use every day.

In addition, Visio 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0 both include a new SmartShape Wizard that helps users turn their custom shapes into SmartShapes®. And complete access to Visio's feature set via OLE Automation gives corporate developers and solution providers expanded ability to create customized solutions based on Visio technology.

Visio 4.0 — The Business Standard for True Working Diagrams

Visio 4.0 provides one easy-to-use tool for creating a wide range of diagramming types, including new perspective block and mind mapping diagrams in addition to flowcharts, project timelines, organizational charts, network diagrams, office layouts, quality management diagrams, geographic maps and more. Three diagramming wizards for organizational charts, timelines and page layouts also are now included in Visio 4.0 to speed the diagramming process for both first-time and experienced users. The Org Chart Wizard and Project Timeline Wizard automatically generate diagrams based on data the user provides and formatting preferences the user specifies.

For the purpose of creating information-rich business diagrams, Visio 4.0 provides database connectivity and the ability to associate detailed data to shapes within a diagram. The program's new Custom Properties feature allows users to associate data to SmartShapes. This data can also be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or other program for further analysis.

Among Visio 4.0's other new features are smarter diagramming tools such as a powerful freehand drawing tool, SmartLayers™, and additional graphics attributes. A spell checker and a find-and-replace feature are also available in this version.

Visio Technical 4.0 — The Most Efficient Way to Create Professional Technical Drawings

Visio Technical 4.0 allows technical professionals throughout a corporation to create and share 2-D drawings and technical schematics; its drag-and-drop methodology uses predrawn SmartShapes to eliminate the steep learning curve normally associated with CAD software. Users can choose from more than 2,000 industry- specific technical SmartShapes contained in Visio Technical 4.0 or easily customize their own shapes to create a wide range of drawings such as space plans, network designs, and a variety of engineering schematics. SmartShape technology allows drawing elements to behave in an intelligent and useful manner, and makes drawing more intuitive and easier than when using CAD programs.

Visio Technical 4.0 is also ideal for use between CAD and non-CAD users to annotate drawings, produce technical documentation and presentations, and create sales-automation applications. Enhanced AutoCAD® file compatibility in Visio Technical 4.0 enables users to import AutoCAD DWG/DXF files, edit the imported files, and then export the modified drawings in native DWG/DFX format, allowing Visio Technical drawings to be shared with AutoCAD users. When importing AutoCAD files, Visio Technical 4.0 maintains all AutoCAD attributes and can automatically convert AutoCAD symbol libraries into SmartShapes. An Append option also lets users add a new layer of information in Visio Technical 4.0 on top of an imported DWG file without altering the original file. When the appended file is opened in AutoCAD, the appended information appears on a new layer and can be manipulated by the AutoCAD user.

Powerful new drawing tools are contained in Visio Technical 4.0, including a fixed grid for increased accuracy, new intersect and subtract commands for creating geometry, and a new spline tool for creating and editing sophisticated curves. The new SmartLayers feature permits users to create multiple layers for each drawing page and control which layers they want to print, show, snap to, protect or highlight. The program's flexible layering also allows a single object to be assigned to multiple layers in a drawing.

Because technical users also create project timelines and other business diagrams, Visio Technical 4.0 includes all of the capabilities and content of the Visio 4.0 product. Visio Technical 4.0 also includes "Developing Visio Solutions," an in-depth guide to creating customized Visio solutions using Visual Basic®, C, or C++.

Pricing and Availability

Visio 4.0 and Visio Technical 4.0 support the Windows 95, Windows NT™ 3.51 and Windows 3.1 operating systems, with 32-bit and 16-bit versions shipping in the same box. Both 3.5-inch disk and CD-ROM media will be included. The products include 90 days of free technical support and a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Visio 4.0, available beginning mid-August, will have a U.S. suggested retail price of $249. The estimated street price is $149. Registered users of earlier versions of Visio can upgrade to Visio 4.0 for $79.

Visio Technical 4.0, available beginning mid-September, will have a U.S. suggested retail price of $399. The estimated street price of Visio Technical 4.0 is $299. Registered users of Visio Technical can upgrade to Visio Technical 4.0 for $99; customers of other Visio products can upgrade to Visio Technical 4.0 for $129.

Both programs will be available from leading national distributors, corporate resellers, retail channels, direct marketers and from Visio Corp directly. To place an order or to obtain more information on any Visio product, customers can contact Visio at 800/24-VISIO [248-4746], ext. 93W.

About Visio Corp.

Visio Corp., the leading drawing and diagramming software developer, was founded in October 1990. The Seattle-based company pioneered the drawing and diagramming market with the release of Visio 1.0 in November 1992. Since then, Visio has released additional Windows-based drawing and diagramming products designed for business, technical and consumer users. The company markets the Visio product line in the United States, North America, Europe and Asia.

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