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Visio Corporation Uses E.piphany e.4 Analytic Applications to Deliver Product Customization for Online Customers

E.piphany e.4 Closed Loop System is Designed to Provide Immediate Insight into Buyer Behavior; Helps Drive Personalized Customer Interaction and Product Customization

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 8 /PRNewswire/ — E.piphany, a leader in Web-based analytic applications focused on the customer, today announced that Visio® Corporation (Nasdaq: VSIO) has licensed E.piphany's E-commerce analytic applications in order to create a closed loop analytic system. The analytic system is designed to help Visio quickly customize products and services for its online customers and to deliver significant advantages in product development planning and time-to-market.

eVisio™, Visio's online system for configurable business diagramming and technical drawing software solutions, uses E.piphany e.4 to link Web data with enterprise-wide data, which provides extensive knowledge about Visio's e-customers and their product design and buying behaviors. eVisio applies E.piphany's analytic applications to identify and differentiate its e-customers and their behaviors and then customize its product offerings for them on the Web. The results of the analytic information and the customized selections can be pumped back into the eVisio system for further iteration and analysis, creating closed loop feedback on product design and customer interactions.

E.piphany e.4 analytic application solutions are designed to boost an organization's profitability through the creation of one-to-one relationships between the organization and its customers. E.piphany e.4 applies Web-based data mining to help "" and traditional companies measure online customer activity, offline customer interactions and external demographic information through a holistic view of enterprise-wide data. This helps companies gauge Web site effectiveness, segment customers, identify cross-sell opportunities, and then analyze interactions to create better online services and products. Companies have the opportunity to create a closed loop system with E.piphany, turning the analytic information back into the enterprise to iterate and improve their products, services and customer interactions.

"The Internet has created an exciting new channel to communicate directly with customers, but it doesn't displace the need for the rest of the enterprise," said Roger Siboni, president and CEO of E.piphany. "Businesses are in a pivotal place in an emerging economy that forces them to address the customer as the center of economic power. Those that can learn more about their customers and evolve their organizations to appeal to customer needs will define the new rules for competition in their industries. Visio is an excellent example of this. We are very excited to be able to provide solutions that help guide businesses through the Web economy. Incorporating a holistic view of the customer will help today's businesses cement customer loyalties and drive profitability."

"eVisio is a dramatically different way for us to deliver Visio technology, not only in the way we deliver products to our customers, but also in the way we can communicate with them on a one-to-one basis," said Jeremy Jaech, president and CEO of Visio Corp. "E.piphany will help us quickly understand how well the configurable nature of eVisio is working and help us recognize what customers like and need. This is invaluable feedback for our entire company as we work to maintain our leadership position in delivering valuable drawing and diagramming solutions worldwide."

"The Internet and Web have created a revolution in the way companies interact with customers and conduct business," said Wayne Eckerson, senior consultant at Patricia Seybold Group, a strategic e-business and technology consultancy. "Companies that capture, consolidate, and analyze customer information from various internal and external systems will be the winners in the emerging e-business economy where the customer is king. E.piphany has created a flexible, comprehensive solution that can jumpstart companies' e-business initiatives and contribute to their success."


Visio Corporation develops, markets, and supports drawing and diagramming software for enterprise-wide use by businesses, governments and other organizations. The Seattle-based company was founded in 1990 to bring powerful computer-based drawing and diagramming capabilities to the desktops of mainstream computer users. Today, the company's mission is to become the single worldwide standard for creating, storing, and exchanging drawings and diagrams in business. With more than 3 million customers worldwide, Visio leads its market in drawing tools to visualize business.

In February, Visio announced the eVisio product line, made-to-order products available via the Internet. These eVisio products offer customers the opportunity to select combinations of Visio solutions to create the Visio product that best meets their individual drawing needs. Customers can choose from a wide selection of industry- and task-specific Visio solutions to create their own custom eVisio products.

Visio has licensed all E.piphany analytic application solutions to help it identify and track its customers and their behavior. The knowledge gained from analyzing customers' online choices in building Visio products will help the company learn customer preferences and evolve the Visio product line appropriately. This knowledge will also help Visio track and understand how its online sales channel is performing versus its other sales channels.

"Using E.piphany, we are able to track how our online customers customize the eVisio product. This helps us isolate groups of customers, such as in Software Design, that we can reach and service better via the Internet than through traditional channels," said Michael Molendijk, director of eVisio Marketing. "By analyzing online interactions, we are gaining customer and business intelligence which helps us provide greater customer satisfaction and drive profitable changes throughout our business."

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E.piphany is a leader in Web-based analytic applications focused on the customer. The E.piphany e.4 System connects and analyzes customer data from inside and outside the company — from ERP, legacy, E-commerce, third-party and front-office data sources. The E.piphany e.4 System takes businesses into the next generation of commerce and customer loyalty through its unique integration of technology, domain expertise and Web environment — enabling true 1:1 enterprise relationship management (ERM). E.piphany is based in Palo Alto, California.