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NetCracker's New Professional and Designer Now Include Autodiscovery, Import from Visio, and Many Other New Features

NetCracker's v.3.0 Can Discover and Draw Existing Networks

WALTHAM, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — April 26, 1999 — NetCracker Technology, (, a leading software developer of tools and solutions for proactive network design and simulation, announced today that NetCracker® Professional and NetCracker Designer now include AutoDiscovery, a powerful new feature that discovers the network topology and then automatically draws the network. NetCracker Professional, priced at $9,995, is an advanced network AutoSimulation™ tool that enables users to proactively design, plan, simulate, and present complex data, voice, video, and cable networks. NetCracker Designer, which costs $1,995, is the most advanced network design and presentation software on the market. AutoDiscovery is currently available to users of both products.

"AutoDiscovery enables network professionals to discover all network components on an existing network," said Andrew Feinberg, president of NetCracker Technology. "This new feature provides an excellent picture and a starting point to work from when users need to design, redesign, or enhance a network. NetCracker's products can discover more than just basic information about network devices, they also utilize NetCracker's deep and wide device database which includes extensive information about each device into the network design."

NetCracker's SNMP-based programs utilize the richness of the NetCracker Platform database by bringing into the layout not only network polling data, but all device parameters stored in the database of over 10,000 voice, video, and data devices. Discovery's polling recognizes the device and then pulls the information from the database into the network layout. Each device then appears on the user's screen with 25 to 40 parameters including the 3D picture, list of supported protocols, number of ports, price and other information. In addition to discovering the network independently, NetCracker's AutoDiscovery comes equipped with the HP OpenView Node Manager interface. If a user has HP OpenView already installed, it can be used to discover the network and NetCracker will import the results of HP OpenView discovery into any existing network topology. AutoDiscovery hierarchically maps the entire existing network topology, integrates it with any NetCracker product, and automatically creates a model of the user's network. From the information in AutoDiscovery, a user can create powerful proactive designs, examine "what if" scenarios, test results of proposed configuration changes, plan for network expansion and tune existing networks.

"With any organization, it is difficult to describe where we need to spend money to improve our technology infrastructure. With NetCracker's products, we are able to illustrate and simulate our existing infrastructure and illustrate where we need to make additions and improvements," said Mary Scott, director of information systems and technology for the City of Sarasota, Fla. "Using the autodiscovery feature we are able to save time and be more productive because the software is very good at including all our equipment — we aren't worried that we overlooked some obscure hardware somewhere. A drawing can take many hours to complete — autodiscovery has reduced that task significantly. That allows me to spend more time on other aspects of network design and presentation. When presenting proposals to non-technologists, a picture is worth a thousand words."

NetCracker's new versions of Professional and Designer include additional enhancements to help network professionals design, plan and simulate networks better. The new features include an import capability from Visio, animation filtering, recognition for Gigabit Ethernet technology and protocols, and a more extended database. The new import capability from Visio allows users to convert Visio files to NetCracker files automatically. With animation filtering, the user will be able to filter in/out the animation of individual traffic/call flows. For example, the user can choose to indicate that "email" and "inter-office" traffic be the only traffic shown in the animation. In order to indicate the desired traffic/call flow, a user can select what should be visible from the Data flow list. The new versions recognize protocols and technology associated with Gigabit Ethernet. For instance 1000BaseCX, 1000BaseSX, 1000BaseLX and 1000BaseT are Gigabit Ethernet protocols that are implemented. The 10,000-plus device database is continually upgraded and extended to provide the most comprehensive list of products and vendors available on the market.

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