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Composit Communications Leverages Visio Technology Platform

Workflow-Driven Software Solutions for Call Center/Customer Interaction Centers

SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 30 /PRNewswire/ — Composit Communications today announced that it has incorporated Visio technology into its workflow solution, Composit Flow®. By utilizing the Visio Technology Platform and including hundreds of Visio SmartShapes symbols with call and contact center functionality, the Composit Flow tool now gives users an enhanced tool to design and implement the workflow that is mission critical to their operations. Further, the enhancement extends Composit's leadership in the industry by allowing users to work in a common environment created by the familiarity of working in close conjunction with industry standard tools created by industry leaders such as Visio Corp. and Microsoft Corp.

"Composit believes that call centers should be able to easily replicate their previous efforts, by building upon the users existing knowledge bases and giving them the freedom to switch equipment without being compelled to rewrite their applications," said Dan Plashkes, president and CEO of Composit Communications. "We believe that the call center workflow process should simply be 'what you think is what you should get.' Today that is simply not happening. The Call Center is moving into the Internet and the applications are becoming more complex. Composit aims to consolidate into one single platform applications in the call center/customer interaction center that today are independent silos of technology. The closest parallel to draw is what Microsoft Office did for PCs, Composit plans to do for the call center/customer interaction center. The easier changes can be executed the more profitable and competitive our client will be in their market."

Composit Flow, a component of the Composit Suite of Applications, gives users the ability to generate the needed applications by identifying the telephony systems, databases and other critical components in their existing infrastructure. The user only has to point and click to create and activate the necessary workflow. The combination of the Visio technology and the Composit platform is a combination of front and back Office technologies into a unified and centrally managed business process independent of constraints caused by transmission and technological problems and differing geographical locations.

"We are excited that a leading vendor in the telecommunications industry has developed a solution that leverages Visio technology in order to offer the best visual-based tool for their customers," said Mike Gelon, director, solutions marketing and consulting at Visio. "Composit's solution represents the power of Visio technology and how it can be extended to meet very diverse customer needs."

About Composit Communications, Int.

Founded in 1997, Composit Communications Int., is a leading provider of workflow driven solutions for the call center/customer interaction center market. Adhering to broadly supported industry standards from Microsoft and Visio, Composit's integrated environment handles all required call center/customer interaction center functions including IVR, ACD, CTI, Agent Workstation, E-mail and Internet technologies. The company also provides consulting, education and support services worldwide. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the company also maintains offices in Connecticut, Toronto, and Israel. For more information about Composit, please call 760-918-2666. Composit's World Wide Web address (URL) is .

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