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Visio Hosts First Interactive Developers Seminar - Online and Live

Free Interactive Seminar Uses Innovative Technology to Extend Developer Relations Efforts Beyond Physical Classroom and to Build Active Developer Community

SEATTLE, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time, developers were able to meet with senior technical staff from Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) without hopping on an airplane or driving a car to travel to a seminar location. Instead, at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 27, they entered a live, interactive cyber-seminar room at their own computer desktops.

Simply by "dialing up" a URL (universal resource locator), developers were able to interact with other Visio platform developers around the country during the free seminar, titled "Visio as a Development Platform," which was conducted by the Visio development platform marketing group using technology from Netpodium Inc. in Seattle. Attendees were presented with an introduction telling how and why graphical solutions are helpful in solving real business problems. After the broadcast, participants were directed to additional resources for help.

"We're finding innovative ways to build even stronger relations with corporate and third-party developers who want to solve business problems or develop mission-critical applications using the Visio platform as a tool," said Scott Campbell, group manager, Visio development platform marketing. "These developers are very busy and are often on deadlines, so they can't always take the time to attend seminars away from their offices. This audience is very comfortable interacting online, and we expect that we will offer this time-efficient means of information transfer on an ongoing basis."

Online Seminar Applied Graphics to Visualize and Solve Business Problems

Seminar attendees got a look at what allows Visio products to be used as a development platform and the range of Visio-based solutions that can be created by automating and customizing Visio products to solve business problems. Senior technical staff from the Visio development platform marketing group discussed the advantages of using graphical representations to diagram business problems.

"Because of the cost efficiency of an online interactive seminar, we will be able to communicate more often with our technical audiences, helping us build a stronger, more active community of Visio developers," Campbell said.

For those who missed this seminar, future online seminar and training events are listed on Visio's Web site at

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