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Visio Announces Licensing of IntelliCAD 98 to CAD Developers as Solutions Platform

Low Cost, Full CAD Functionality Drive Compelling Engine for Vertical Applications

SEATTLE, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) today announced that it has recently entered into OEM licensing agreements with four independent CAD developers for the incorporation of IntelliCAD® 98 by Visio into those vendors' products. The developers — C&G Software Systems Inc., Eagle Point Software Inc., Hitachi Software Global Technology Ltd., and Ketiv Technologies Inc. — have licensed IntelliCAD 98 to serve as the graphical platform upon which they have built specialized CAD applications for the geographic information systems (GIS), civil engineering, and architecture- engineering-construction (AEC) industries.

The OEM agreements give the four developers the right to distribute the entire IntelliCAD application as a component of their vertical market CAD solutions. Unlike the licensing stipulations that many CAD vendors impose on their OEM offerings, this arrangement permits the developers to fully expose the entire functionality of IntelliCAD and does not restrict in any way what IntelliCAD features the CAD developer can provide to the user. Other terms of the licensing arrangements were not disclosed.

"Visio is pleased to partner with these distinguished independent software vendors toward delivering complete, affordable CAD solutions," said John Forbes, vice president and general manager, technical products at Visio. "These companies have recognized that IntelliCAD 98 offers an extraordinary opportunity for CAD developers to incorporate the full functionality of a sophisticated CAD engine into a total solution. With excellent compatibility and programmability, IntelliCAD 98 helps developers offer more complete solutions at a lower overall cost to the customer and make more money doing so."

A 32-bit Microsoft Windows-based CAD application that offers unparalleled compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD files, commands and applications, IntelliCAD 98 supports add-on programs that enhance and extend the application's basic CAD functionality for specific disciplines and industries. These programs are written with LISP and a C language interface known as ADS, two commonly used techniques for automating AutoCAD and IntelliCAD 98. The IntelliCAD licensees, longtime AutoCAD developers, have been able to leverage the experience gained by developing for AutoCAD into offering solutions that run on the lower-cost IntelliCAD platform.

With an estimated retail price of $349 (U.S.), IntelliCAD provides a compelling business proposition for independent CAD developers. By incorporating IntelliCAD directly into their products, developers relieve the customer of the need to purchase a separate, costly CAD engine before the customer can use the vendor's specialized CAD solution. Developers can charge a significantly lower price for a complete solution while capturing a greater proportion of the revenue that the customer pays for the entire solution. The developer also doesn't have to compromise the customer's access to basic CAD functionality by bundling a limited, feature-disabled run-time CAD engine.

"IntelliCAD 98 allows C&G Software Systems to offer our turnkey land surveying solution, CG-SURVEY for Windows, at a very attractive price," said Ed Cowherd, president of C&G Software Systems. "If our customers have to pay $3,000 for AutoCAD before they can purchase our land-surveying software to run on it, that can be a significant obstacle to sales. With IntelliCAD 98, Visio has allowed us to double our sales volume while passing significant savings on to our customers."

"Our SmartPixel products provide sophisticated image management and manipulation capabilities to CAD users," said Wes Clain, director of sales and marketing at Hitachi Software. "The incorporation of the IntelliCAD application into SmartPixel enables us to leverage the raster viewing engine that we have licensed to Visio for IntelliCAD 98 to offer a complete, affordable imaging solution for our customers. We believe that providing a full-featured CAD engine in SmartPixel will contribute to the success of the product, and will dramatically expand the SmartPixel user base."

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