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Visio Corp. Announces Computer-Based Interactive Training CD-ROM

Discover Visio Self-Paced Training Product Offers Convenience, Flexibility and Reduced Learning Curve

SEATTLE, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Today at TechLearn '98, a conference for professional trainers, Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) announced its first computer-based training product, Discover Visio 5.0 Interactive Training. This innovative resource enables users to accelerate their learning and quickly become proficient with the basics of using Visio® products. This computer-based training (CBT) resource brings the flexibility and convenience of self-paced training to Visio users who can learn from it at their own speed whenever they wish. The Discover Visio 5.0 Interactive Training CD-ROM is being offered to computer-training companies, Visio's corporate customers and individual users to help them more quickly learn how to diagram people, processes and projects, and incorporate visual communications as a regular part of their daily work.

This new product release coincides with Visio's sponsorship, along with several high-tech and training companies, of the TechLearn '98 conference in Orlando Nov. 15 - 18, with over 1,700 attendees representing 800 companies and 30 countries. The theme for this year's conference is "Reinventing Training for Learning in the Digital Age."

Visio's Line of Training Products

"We are excited to be expanding our offering to help us deliver training tools and services to our users," said Jeremy Jaech, Visio president and CEO. "This product marks the first in a series being developed in collaboration with Interactive Services Ltd., the Dublin, Ireland-based CBT development company Visio partnered with earlier this year."

Visio launched its customer training offerings in July 1998 with an activity-based classroom curriculum and now follows with Discover Visio 5.0 Interactive Training to continue to address the varied needs of its software users.

This new CD builds on Visio's customer training program, which also includes Discover Visio 5.0 curriculum for training professionals and Visio Train the Trainer courses. Discover Visio 5.0 curriculum is a complete set of introductory classroom courseware designed to teach users all the basic skills needed to be proficient with Visio products. Discover Visio 5.0 Train the Trainer Course, a four-day course conducted by Visio Corp., provides training professionals with high-quality, effective and tested materials and skills to ensure they can provide effective and engaging training on Visio products. Those who participate in the course also receive official recognition on Visio's Training Provider Network service, posted on Visio's Web site at

This new learning resource offers a way for users at different levels, in different locations and with different schedules to learn how to use the full range of Visio products, including Visio Standard, Technical, Professional and the new Visio Enterprise. The CBT's four training modules address 15 topics, and touch on all the basic skills needed to create and print drawings, create and distribute connected drawings, create custom shapes, and create and print scaled drawings. Each module begins with a set of objectives, ends with a quiz, incorporates a mix of step-by-step instruction and "do-this-now" interactive components, and includes a set of sample drawings. The Visio CBT is designed to be easy to understand and navigate, while offering notes, tips and actual product interaction in a single, unified training environment.

"The Discover Visio 5.0 curriculum offers our students a complete look at the capabilities of Visio's product," said Jeannine Ryan, Northwest district manager at Catapult Software Training. "At the end of our Visio 5.0 training session, our students have been exposed to a great overview of the product's drawing features and can immediately begin using this program to create solutions at their desktop."

Pricing and Availability

Discover Visio 5.0 Interactive Training on CD-ROM is available now from Visio and selected resellers throughout North America. It costs $59.95 per user, with volume discounts available to Institutional and Enterprise License customers. The Visio Train the Trainer course is priced at $995 for the four-day course. Discover Visio 5.0 curriculum includes Instructor Guides priced at $295 and Student Workbooks for $30 (purchases of more than 25 workbooks are $24 each). A Discover Visio 5.0 Training Kit containing one Instructor Guide and five Student Workbooks is offered at $385, a 15 percent savings over individual purchase.

Visio Co-Sponsors TechLearn Conference in Orlando

TechLearn '98 is a noncommercial training conference focused on the rapidly changing world of training at the intersection of technology and learning. The conference runs November 15 — 18 in Orlando, Fla. Over 1,700 training professionals were registered to attend. Each attendee at this highly regarded conference will receive in their conference welcome kit a Visio Standard Test Drive and a copy of Visio SmartPages magazine.

About Visio

Visio Corp. is the leading supplier of enterprisewide business diagramming and technical drawing software, with an installed base of over 2.5 million users worldwide. Founded in September 1990, the Seattle-based company pioneered the drawing and diagramming software market with the release of Visio 1.0 in November 1992 and has since released additional Microsoft Windows-based graphics applications that offer users a unique and effective way to communicate and work. Visio's powerful product line is becoming a worldwide standard for graphical solutions in business, with the support of partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments. Visio products are available in as many as 11 language versions and are sold in more than 40 countries.

For more information about Visio Corp. and its products, customers can contact Visio at 800-24-VISIO (248-4746), ext. 93W, or visit the company's Web site at

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