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Visio Corporation Implements Network Associates' SupportMagic Helpdesk Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA) today announced that Visio Corporation (Nasdaq: VSIO), a leading provider of business diagramming and technical drawing software, has implemented Network Associates' SupportMagic SQL help desk solution throughout the United States and Europe to dramatically improve IT problem resolution and reporting.

Visio Corp.'s IS department purchased its SupportMagic SQL license in March 1998, and since that time has experienced improved customer and technical support from Network Associates throughout its successful growth. In the last six months, Visio's IS department has expanded support from 325 users to more than 550, and is considering further expansion to include support for users in Visio's Asia offices. SupportMagic SQL's highly scaleable and robust database made this expansion possible, while allowing the IS department to operate without adding more support staff.

"Corporate growth and an increasingly mobile workforce at Visio compelled the IS department to implement a more structured help desk solution to track and manage requests from distributed workers throughout the world," said Cary Huang, Desktop Systems Supervisor at Visio Corporation. "SupportMagic has enabled us to support 50 percent more users and increase the quality of support without adding additional IS staff. The customizable report generation also helps track statistics and spot trends which allows us to proactively resolve issues and plan resources."

One of the most significant benefits realized by Visio's IS department is the effective tracking of support, device and application issues made possible by SupportMagic SQL's enhanced reporting capabilities. The reporting functionality allows the group to track statistics for support to ensure efficient problem resolution.

SupportMagic SQL's highly customizable user interface has also allowed Visio's IS professionals to design Microsoft Outlook email forms to provide users with a familiar interface for trouble ticket submission. In addition, the department also developed its own Intranet based trouble ticket system to enable any user to submit a request from any networked computer.

"We are continually amazed when we learn of all the truly innovative ways our customers are using and tailoring the SupportMagic SQL product to fit their organization's needs," said Timothy Davis, Total Service Desk product manager for Network Associates. "It is users such as those from Visio Corp. who get a strong return on investment by exploiting the myriad support and customization capabilities of SupportMagic SQL."

SupportMagic is a component of Network Associates' Total Service Desk (TSD) suite, designed to provide increased flexibility and customization for departmental/workgroup help desk implementations. TSD enables IT organizations to support the broadest range of integrated network and desktop security and management technologies from a consolidated, central service desk. The TSD suite consists of three key solutions to meet the requirements of help desk, network and desktop management. All integrate easily with Microsoft SMS, HP OpenView, and Tivoli TME 10. TSD operates on Windows NT.

Network Associates' SupportMagic help desk automation and asset management software is used by nearly 4,500 organizations worldwide for fast resolution of user support issues. SupportMagic software has consistently been praised by customers for its ease-of-use and functionality, while offering advanced problem identification and resolution in one integrated system helping organizations transform service into a strategic resource that improves customer satisfaction and end user productivity.

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