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Visio CompanyStore Named on InformationWeek Intranet/extranet 100 Annual List

Employee Purchasing System on Track to Save $1 Million in First Year

SEATTLE, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) was named on this year's InformationWeek Intranet/Extranet 100 list in the publication's Oct. 5 issue. The 100 companies included in the ranking were chosen for strategic and creative employment of intranets and extranets to achieve their business goals.

The honor was awarded to Visio for implementing a system that allows all employees to purchase supplies — from pencils to PCs — directly from their desktops by using a simple Internet browser interface. By using CompanyStore from Redmond, Wash.-based Concur Technologies Inc., Visio deployed its intranet application in just 27 days, including integrating CompanyStore with Visio's SAP™ R/3™ System running on Microsoft Windows NT and SQL Server. Because of their strong PC background, employees began using the new purchasing system immediately without training.

In place since March, the new purchasing system is already showing strong results. "We were able to reduce the cost of processing a purchase order from $49 to $5.45," said Neal Myrick, director of worldwide information technology and facilities for Visio. "Deploying this system will give us a productivity savings of a million dollars the first year. We are on track with that savings because the new system automates the purchasing process, which means we've eliminated the time required for every employee to manually cut a purchase order and then walk it though a sneaker-net system. So instead of spending time on an administrative task, this system frees our employees to focus their energy on the company's core business."

CompanyStore not only streamlined Visio's procurement workflow process, it also electronically replicated the Visio purchasing process while keeping all the needed controls in place. With its new system, the company has gained the control to easily and quickly set and change levels of purchase authority, catalog items, vendors and the cost and delivery times of products purchased.

"Since implementation, purchasing via the browser has become our employees' preferred method because Visio's corporate culture is so fast-paced — everyone is always looking for ways to do things more quickly and efficiently," added Myrick.

Through its use of CompanyStore, Visio is showing improvements in several areas. By reducing purchasing department paper shuffling required by the old system, Visio's purchasing agents can now focus on their primary value to the company — negotiating with vendors to get products for the company for the best price.

The new purchasing system also has increased Visio's control over its marketing expenses. The old system required that the marketing department spend a lot of time tracking committed funds in spreadsheets and reconciling them with the SAP R/3 System by hand, a process fraught with the potential for human error. Today, the marketing team can input committed funds into CompanyStore, which reconciles committed funds with budgets and money already spent. In addition, the marketing department can approve and track every invoice as it comes in and run reports detailing marketing expenses, reflecting at any time what has been spent, what has been committed and where these figures stand against the budgets.

Another benefit of CompanyStore is more rapid employee assimilation. New employees have one easy purchasing process to learn instead of one for office supplies, another for software requests, and yet another for hardware purchases.

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