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Visio Announces Visio Technical 5.0 Plus

New Functionality to Extend Visio's Leadership in Creating, Storing and Exchanging 2D Technical Drawings and Diagrams

SEATTLE, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) today announced the availability of Visio® Technical 5.0 Plus, an upgrade to Visio's pioneering technical diagramming software for users who need to create, view and share 2-D technical drawings and diagrams within the enterprise. This special update, scheduled for release by the end of year, is being offered free to users who purchase Visio Technical beginning today. Visio Technical 5.0 Plus introduces support for the Bentley Microstation DGN file format, enhancing the program's use as a broadly deployable technical communication tool. The upgrade also offers enhanced intelligent diagramming features and SmartShapes® symbol-based content to process engineering and facilities management users for easily accessing and working with the technical drawings widely used in those industries.

"Through its evolution from market pioneer to market leader, Visio Technical has become the benchmark product in the technical diagramming category," said John Forbes, vice president and general manager, technical products at Visio. "The new content and functionality to be introduced in Visio Technical 5.0 Plus reflect Visio's ongoing commitment to delivering productivity-enhancing solutions that exploit the power of Visio's unique SmartShapes technology. Visio Technical's ease of use, proven robustness, reliability and superior customization capabilities continue to make it the clear choice for creating technical diagrams in record time."

Visio Technical 5.0 Plus Expands Content Offering

The new content for Visio Technical 5.0 Plus resulted from collaboration with leading companies within the process manufacturing and facilities management industries. Visio partners in the process plant industry, Technical Toolboxes ( ) and Sugars International ( ), advised Visio on the development of the new productivity enhancements for creating process drawings. Lomasoft ( ) and Decision Graphics, Visio partners within the computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) market, contributed to the development of innovative facilities management solutions. These new solutions will complement the drawing templates, application-specific wizards, and existing SmartShapes symbols library of more than 3,800 task-specific shapes currently found in Visio Technical 5.0.

The specific new content for process engineers and facilities managers is as follows:

  • Process Engineering Solution. Visio Technical 5.0 Plus's enhanced functionality provides a faster and more intuitive way of creating process flow diagrams (PFDs), piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and datasheets than is possible using traditional CAD applications. Important new features in the Process Engineering Solution include customizable reporting (tags, datasheets and lists) and valves that automatically align.
  • Facilities Management Solution. The Facilities Management Solution is an easy-to-use tool developed for facility managers and others who track and manage the people and assets of a facility. The solution includes tools for quickly creating space plans and for tracking assets across the enterprise, as well as performing "what-if" space planning. Easier to use than CAD, Visio Technical 5.0 Plus allows even non-CAD users to work with facilities data in an intuitive, graphical environment. The Facilities Management Solution utilizes Microsoft Repository 2.0 for storing facilities management data.

Visio Technical 5.0 Plus will also include new import capabilities for working with Bentley Microstation DGN files, providing a powerful adjacent viewing and annotation tool to organizations with Microstation seats. Combined with Visio Technical's ability to import and export Autodesk AutoCAD and IntelliCAD® by Visio DWG files, its comprehensive CAD file format support gives enterprise users a superior degree of flexibility when working with drawings created in multiple CAD platform environments.

In addition to the new industry-specific content and improved CAD file interoperability, Visio Technical 5.0 Plus also will incorporate improved task-specific business diagramming solutions designed to make the creation of business diagrams faster and more intuitive. This new content is focused on enhancing business communications and managing information, processes, projects and concepts.

Managing Drawings With Visio Technical

Continuing in its role as a technology innovator in technical diagramming, Visio has introduced functionality in Technical 5.0 Plus that will provide users with new ways to manage drawings from inside the drawing application. Tools such as the new Project Explorer and the CAFM Explorer provide an easier way to view and manage information at the project level when that data is stored in multiple drawings.

Customizing Visio Technical 5.0 Plus

Fully compliant with Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and the Office 97 Logo, Visio Technical 5.0 Plus represents the state of the art in implementing modern Windows technologies, including ActiveX, COM and VBA. All aspects of Visio Technical 5.0 Plus are exposed to the Microsoft COM model, including the user interface, giving solution providers and enterprise developers maximum flexibility in creating custom graphical applications. Visio's pioneering ShapeSheet® technology makes customizing SmartShapes symbol behavior as simple as editing a spreadsheet cell, thereby alleviating the need for familiarity with programming languages to create new shapes or modify shape behaviors.

Availability and Pricing

Visio Technical 5.0 Plus will be available for purchase in January 1999 for the price of $349 (U.S.). Registered customers who purchase Visio Technical 5.0 after Oct. 20, 1998, will receive the Visio Technical 5.0 Plus upgrade at no cost. Current Visio Technical 5.0 customers may purchase 5.0 Plus for $49 (U.S.) in January. Customers using other versions of Visio products can upgrade to Visio Technical 5.0 Plus for $149 (U.S.). To place an order or to obtain more information, customers can contact Visio at 800-24-VISIO [248-4746] reference 93W or visit the company's Web site at

About Visio Corp.

Visio Corp. is the leading supplier of enterprisewide business diagramming and technical drawing software, with an installed base of over 2.5 million users worldwide. Founded in September 1990, the Seattle-based company pioneered the drawing and diagramming software market with the release of Visio 1.0 in November 1992, and has since released additional Windows-based graphics applications that offer users a unique and effective way to communicate and work. Visio's powerful product line is becoming a worldwide standard for graphical solutions in business, with the support of partner programs and third-party relationships in key market segments. Visio products are available in as many as 11 language versions and are sold in more than 40 countries.

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